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The first COVID-19 immunizations in the U.S. could occur on Dec. 12

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@TIME By dec.10-12 we may be at 4,000 dead a day as the fallout from Thanksgiving and the inability of Healthcare to keep up. It's also going to take alot of months to get it distributed to the public, so hold the course and batten down the hatches.

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@TIME Fake media

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@TIME Pfizer is accepting some "warp speed" welfare to distribute as many doses as possible, as soon as possible.

The Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -80 degrees and it only protects for one month.

America failed so badly they have to buy millions of Pfizer's inferior vaccine.

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@TIME Covid-19 konusunda WHO uyudu, ABD uzanmış.

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@water7apple @TIME not when a mad king and his henchmen are involved

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@TIME This is fantastic. This needs to be free and available to everyone.

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@TIME Just like Trump promised.

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@TIME How when they haven't completed trial stage 3 yet? Plus doesn't the authorization process for emergency use usually take 2 months?

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Family ❤️, but their is some odd guy too 😂| Naruto Shippuden

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In the Bible it took TEN earth shattering plagues to get Pharoah to bend to God's will. Yet here in America we get something with a 99.85% survival rate and most of you have given up your freedoms and bent to the will of man.
#America #mondaythoughts

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When launching a new business a crucial step to focus on is BRANDING.

On the blog today we share 6 Simple Brand-Building Assets Every Start-Up Needs 👇

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Moon peeping through over the Hellfire trail! #mondaythoughts #winterwildlife

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"All this looking back is Fucking with your neck."
- @garyvee

Winners don't worry about the failures, they just focus on the improvement.

#truth #grind #hardwork #mondaythoughts

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6 दिन में सृष्टि की रचना कर 7वें  दिन तख्त पर विराजमान होने वाला अल्लाह निराकार कैसे हुआ ?
पवित्र क़ुरान शरीफ सूरह फुर्कान 25 आयत 59 में लिखा है कि अल्लाह ने 6 दिन में सृष्टि की रचना की और सातवें दिन तख्त पर विराजमान हो गए।

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