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 5 days ago

🚨 The team news is in!

🔴 @Joewillock comes into midfield
⛔️ @RobHolding95 partners @biel_m04
🤝 Granit joins @DaniCeballos46


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@_AA_022 @Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 -has Arsenal Notifs on

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 5 days ago

@UTD_RA @Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Ratio’d lol

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 5 days ago

@erun_____ @Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Rent free

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 GOOD FUCKING NIGHT MAN

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 AHAHAHAH RELEGATION

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 To all ARSENAL fans, Goodbye. Ive had a long think about it and I have come to a conclusion that I don’t love this club anymore. I hate it. It’s just a tinpot farmer club that has no form of success. I’ve decided to support United, a big team. Time to finally win some trophies

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@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Leeds United vs Arsenal

WATCH LIVE via @arena_streaming

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Small club

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Leeds haven’t beaten Arsenal since 2003

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Today, we celebrate rich history of America’s indigenous people and the contributions of the Native community. We acknowledge the struggles remaining to overcome and pause knowing that the work continues to equality and equity. #NativeAmericanHeritageDay

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We must do better to stand with our Native American population.

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Thank you to our Native American neighbors, you deserve many blessings today and everyday.

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Consider celebrating #NativeAmericanHeritageDay with a donation to a fund helping indigenous people disproportionately affected by #COVID19 ... like this one.

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It's #NativeAmericanHeritageDay, If you are shopping, shop Native-owned businesses, to get you started:


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Today is #NativeAmericanHeritageDay. I live on the land of the Piscataway. If you want to find out whose land you live on, the Land Acknowledgement website will tell you almost instantaneously.

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@keithellison We owe so much to the Native Americans to correct the horrible treatment of the past. Agree that acknowledgement and appreciation are vital steps to take. Education must include the value of these First People #NativeAmericanHeritageDay

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