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 1 week ago

Quoted @KomalNahta

Chhatth proves bountiful for the box-office in Bihar. Bhojpuri film ‘Dostana’ opens today to full houses. Bhojpuri film ‘Pawan Putra’ also opens to excellent houses. Good mass-appealing films will revive cinemas, it seems!

So happy to know this!!!! All Dostana’s Should be big hits!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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@Tej74025355 @karanjohar He won't.His next 2 films are with ranveer and alia.

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@karanjohar Karu darling 😘

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 1 week ago

@karanjohar Great news

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@karanjohar Karan Johar Sir Agra mai shooting karne kab aa rahe ho....Bhaut Badyia location hai yha par ✌️✌️✌️

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@karanjohar KHNH part 2 kab aa raha @karanjohar

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 1 week ago

@karanjohar Direct SRK soon...it’s been 10 years since MNIK released..

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 1 week ago

@karanjohar Corona is waving Hi to all of people

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@kasie I'm up #waytooearly wondering if @maddow's partner Susan will give Rachel such a grotesque looking hicky, so she will be forced to, once and for all be forced to wear a turtleneck. #TurtleNeckDreams

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@kasie @WayTooEarly Been up since 4, #WayTooEarly @WayTooEarly
23 % COVID positivity rate in our upstate NY tomato-red county yesterday. There isn’t a single Democrat on our County Board, and our GOP leaders remain silent. 🥺

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I’m up way too early because I’m realizing I’m getting old and I wake up early for no apparent reason. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Also good morning to my niece @Britt_Ruff who’s a producer @MSNBC

#waytooearly @kasie @WayTooEarly

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I got up #waytooearly because I had to use the bathroom.

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@Kasie I'm up #waytooearly wondering why 'civilization' allows so much pain and suffering to exist when there are potential solutions.

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@kasie @WayTooEarly Snuggled up on sofa with my rescue Pit Nigel watching #WayTooEarly !

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@kasie @WayTooEarly Because a cricket was crawling across my chest while I was fast asleep in bed and it scared me to death!! I woke up, gathered it in my blanket to bring outside and dropped it somewhere in the house on the way! So now waiting, watching, and tweeting #WayTooEarly 🦗Ugh!

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