Each photo/video of child sexual abuse is evidence of a crime involving real children. Every time an image is viewed, those children are re-victimized & their suffering is prolonged.

This is why INTERPOL works to remove #CSA images from circulation.

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@INTERPOL_SG @aplusk Then governments should do their job and capture these sick people. Who else, if not leaders of the countries they represent. If it’s online, it’s not being managed properly by security teams. 😝

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@mommywanda40 Profile picture Wanda Brown


 1 week ago

@INTERPOL_SG The aircraft is there in or above the clouds. I know your technology can identify the pilot or pilots that are using wmd direct energy weapons on me heat sensor on my scalp really right now.

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 1 week ago

@INTERPOL_SG @johnc1912 This is why we've developed #SafeToWatch, to prevent these images being taken in the first place, as featured on @BBCClick:

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@INTERPOL_SG Thank you for this important information!

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Let’s all please support Miley!! Her music is amazing and so is her character! Swifties for smilers.🥺✨ #MileyCyrus #PLASTICHEARTS #SWIFTIES AMAZING

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Midnight Sky slapping harder #PLASTICHEARTS

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I think so far after the first listen of #PLASTICHEARTS my top 3 in order:

1. High
2. Plastic Hearts
3. Hate Me

They are all SO good & it was hard to choose. I’ll do a full review thread tomorrow but holy fuck. @MileyCyrus killlled it! I ❤️ the Zombie cover sooo much too 🥰🥺

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Tengo mis favoritas, pero amé todo el álbum, una joya. #PLASTICHEARTS Miley Cyrus.

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