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 2 months ago

The Ickabog is published today, complete with STUNNING pictures created by young illustrators around the world! I’m donating my royalties to my charitable Trust, Volant, to help medical and frontline charities support vulnerable groups impacted by Covid-19.

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@LCGillatt @jk_rowling Same here ❤️👏

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@jk_rowling It’s here! Beautiful book, I can’t wait to read it x

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 2 months ago

@annahowlettt @jk_rowling Yes so impressive

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 2 months ago

@jk_rowling Looks beautiful, gives young illustrators their first start, and all for such a good cause.

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 2 months ago

@jk_rowling Ordered two from Waterstones - one being delivered to Edinburgh today the other to Adelaide in Australia - generations of JK fans.

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 2 months ago

@jk_rowling The Brazil loves you, Jo.

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 2 months ago

@jk_rowling Goodmorning

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@jk_rowling I’m just waiting for it to be delivered 💜 x

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 2 months ago

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اللَّهمَّ إنِّي أسألُكَ عِلمًا نافعًا ورزقًا طيِّبًا وعملًا متقبَّلاً✨

#جيل_التسعينات #جيل_الثمانينات #اكثر_اكله_بالشتاء_تحبها #السوق44 #كورونا_المتحور #ترامب #بايدن #بن_شرقي_صانع_الفرحه #يوسف_العماري #سلمان_lلفرج #دوا_القوات_خوات #عُمان #COVIDMemorial #Inauguration #الهلال

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I loved the #COVIDMemorial service. I got goosebumps.

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In honor of those we lost in Trump’s American Holocaust. #TrumpImpeachment #ImpeachedTwice #COVIDMemorial #cnn #MSNBC #FoxNews #OANN #Republican

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@middleageriot Exactly!! We finally had a #COVIDMemorial a year after the pandemic struck the US! Trump barely mentioned the victims! I remember when one American death was too many. And this is the man they wanna call Best President? What a sick joke.

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History ... Godspeed to the fallen.

#JoeBiden 🇺🇸 | #Inauguration|
#COVIDMemorial 🙏

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Surpassing 400,000 [U.S.] lives lost to #COVID19 is truly heartbreaking 💔💔. Truly. (Yet y’all say 45 did the best he could. gurl BYE👋🏽. Not gone start.)

Please stay masked 😷! Please don’t congregate. Wash those hands. 6ft, step back. Try to show some humility. #COVIDMemorial

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I was working in the ICU today so haven’t gotten to watch the #COVIDMemorial, but just hearing about it on here, I’m so grateful to have this pain and grief acknowledged at the national scale.

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