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 2 weeks ago

Heartwarming and a true gem of a film! This will be a cinema experience you will truly cherish...

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 2 weeks ago

@karanjohar @TillotamaShome @getkul @kamalgianc @PicturesPVR @PlatoonOneFilms @ZeeMusicCompany Karan thank you!!! 🤗🤗 This means so much, thank you for being the wind beneath the wings of our indie!

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@karanjohar @RohenaGera @getkul @kamalgianc @PicturesPVR @PlatoonOneFilms @ZeeMusicCompany ❤️

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HT: Playoff Nico is a PROBLEM.

#SEAvLAFC // @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs

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Revolution Upset Union In MLS Cup Playoffs #NERevs #DOOP #MLS #MLSCupPlayoffs

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I think I just heard Brad Evans cheering. 💚💙⚽️ #SEAvLAFC #MLSCupPlayoffs

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this ref is calling some soft fouls on the LA side of the field #SEAvLAFC #MLSCupPlayoffs

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I feel like I’m watching a video game with the names that keep popping up on the TV above the players heads. I like the idea but not loving it yet. Definitely innovative. ⚽️ #MLSCupPlayoffs

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Así la falla de Carlos Vela en los #MLSCupPlayoffs ante Seattle Sounders.

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