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 2 months ago

Ignorant people are more likely to believe they are brilliant, while intelligent people are more likely to underestimate their abilities.

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 2 months ago

@LughGraves @UberFacts That would put you at The Valley of Despair, or at least The Valley of Comfortability

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@UberFacts Trump's America

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 2 months ago

@ldf444 @UberFacts @realDonaldTrump Fuck, beat me to it!

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@UberFacts That's "Impostor Syndrome" and "Dunning-Kruger Effect".

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 2 months ago

@UberFacts Dunning Kruger Effect.

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 2 months ago
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@corbynbesson I'm obsessed!!! #WDWListeningParty #TGTATBO @whydontwemusic @JonahMarais @jackaverymusic @ImZachHerron @SeaveyDaniel

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Wish you could tell me all the ways that I miss you
Baby, I'd be lying if I didn't say I wish you'd

[Chorus: Daniel Seavey]
Baby, I don't know, know you anymore
Tried my best to forget you
But I know that I still miss you
Dancing all alone

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[Verse 1: Jonah Marais]
Stay one more night
Oh my dear, why do all the seasons change?
Over time, now we're here
Thinkin' 'bout those days

[Pre-Chorus: Corbyn Besson]
I just wish things could be like they used to
But they never will, now

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