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 2 weeks ago
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 2 weeks ago

@jao_1989 @MittRomney My guess is his wife.

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 2 weeks ago

@7704matt51 @MittRomney It`s like a horoscope. fits everything

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@DocEgonSpengler @MittRomney LMFAOOOOO that made me laugh obnoxiously

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 2 weeks ago

@MittRomney Republicans you single handedly chose a candidate that is trying to destroy our democracy. Do something! #SaveAmerica

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 2 weeks ago

@MittRomney Again, Mitt Romney actually makes sense

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@MittRomney Ah a screenshot of the Notes app, as the Founders intended

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@MittRomney Get down from the fence

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@MittRomney Who did you vote for?

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@MittRomney a lot of nothing here, mitt

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remember that this isn’t simply about a ship. this is about a homophobic tv network that has constantly killed off their gay characters & openly censored their queer lead & killed him before he could come out. it’s about the violent & blatant homophobia. #TheySilencedYou

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fuck the cw for not allowing him to live his truth #TheySilencedYou

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Coming back to Twitter at 2am...

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they silenced castiel by writing him is as queer into the story and then killing him and essentially erasing him from the rest of the story. it’s so painful and i don’t want them to get away w doing this #TheySilencedYou

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#TheySilencedYou because of their homophobia and to promote w*lker this is the darkest timeline the cw has to burn

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friends who are not invested in supernatural, a reminder that my brain is one overflowing box of thoughts and I keep it all on main. Feel free to mute me if you don't want all this flooding your tl rn b/c #TheySilencedYou and the damn place is a #rancidnutwork.

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In silencing Dean the CW really just told all of their queer viewers that they truly do not care. This genuinely hurts queer people (myself included) and the amount of effort they went to to keep this quiet is horrifying #TheySilencedYou

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