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 3 weeks ago

🚨ATTENTION! If you voted absentee check the status of your ballot NOW! If it was REJECTED...

GEORGIA: fix until FRIDAY 11/6
NEVADA: fix until THURSDAY 11/12
ARIZONA: fix until TUESDAY 11/10

Find out more about tracking and curing your ballot.

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@elliotforhan @marceelias We have til November 12 to cure.

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 3 weeks ago

@marceelias 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

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@fletcheroony @marceelias 🤣🤣🤣

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@marceelias @MikeBloomberg put up an add in George

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@marceelias ATTN: ☝🏿Absentee Voters

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 3 weeks ago

@MarkKrone @marceelias 😂 idk why counting all votes is so controversial at the moment like how is this even a thing right now... 2020 please end 😂

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@Galacki Profile picture Justin Galacki


 3 weeks ago

@marceelias Hey! - The link for New York is only for Military and Overseas Absentee Ballots

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 3 weeks ago

@marceelias You did not limit your post to any one party. It's almost as if you want everyone's vote counted. Weeeiiiirrrdddd.

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 3 weeks ago

@marceelias The order you put those states in bothers me. Not alphabetical or by date...

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vey eu não consigo dormir em dia de lançamento da mc e isso é tão retardado ela mesma já deve tá no quinto sono e eu aqui '-' #PLASTICHEARTS

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I don't need a future, I don't need your past
I just need a lover
So give me what I want, or I'll give it to my—

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