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 3 weeks ago

🚨ATTENTION NEVADA VOTERS! If you voted absentee check the status of your ballot NOW!

If it was REJECTED...you have until THURSDAY 11/12 to fix it.

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@carilgast @marceelias I called 2 weeks ago and verified recieved, accepted and counted. I don't think their website is updated. Mine still says that. You can call and verbally verify, if they are answering during the count.

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 3 weeks ago
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 3 weeks ago

@marceelias Can you please provide a link for them?

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@marceelias I’m nominating Marc for MVP of the election. Maybe co-MVP with @staceyabrams if Georgia goes blue.

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@marceelias [dramatic music] "Excuse me for the interruption, Gloria, we have a KEY RACE ALERT. Nevada has not, I repeat not, updated their vote counts in nearly 24 hours. Phil, what does this mean for the state of play?"

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@marceelias What about all the missing ballots not delivered by the USPS?

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@marceelias Good amount of time!! Thanks again Marc!!

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According to serially PM Imrar khan is the best Prime Minister of Pakistan no doubt.


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I was surprised that trump was doing a NPR Tiny Desk Concert. He usually plays to larger crowds 😆😂😂 #tinydesk #DiaperDon

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Traitor! Sore Loser!!! #DiaperDon #TrumpIsALaughingStock HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE! #TrumpCrimeFamily #tinydesk #TrumpMeltdown

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#TinyDesk here’s a real man, @realDonaldTrump you absolute moronic child.

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