One gaze, one smile, one gesture - a million feelings in a million hearts. Wishing the true king of romance @iamsrk a very happy birthday from the #Dharma family❤️

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Bwah ha haaaa! How many racists does it take to get hacked? Not sure yet, we're still counting the Magats that switched from Twitter to Parler and got hacked!

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The communist democrats can't tolerate free speech. Thankful #ParlerHacked didn't happen. But don't be surprised if they find someway to stop it control ALL speech.

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The L is right there sodomizing itself in the logo #ParlerHacked

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that's the tweet. a wonderful moment of irony in the lame duck period of 2020.

This serious needs to be trending to #1! :-)

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I’m sure Devin Nunes is having a cow 🐄 right about now #ParlerHacked

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Finally just got back onto my Parler account after I was hacked. I can tell you how to do it. Just send me all your banking info and I can unlock it for you. #ParlerHacked #parlerhack #ParlerLeaks

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#ParlerHacked what conspiracy theory will these moron right wing autoritarian a.s suckers come up with next haha

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