It takes courage to shed light on a broken system, and conviction to reinvent it. @bubbawallace is a leader for change on and off the track, and we’re honored to support him. Visit to learn about our partnership.

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@LabonteFan Profile picture LabonteFan


 1 month ago

@BDGunter9 @root_insurance @BubbaWallace That makes it even better

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@root_insurance @BubbaWallace Thank you for supporting Bubba. Much love.

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@vilkas_777 Profile picture vilkas


 1 month ago

@root_insurance @BubbaWallace I've never wanted to re-tweet an insurance ad, but that was very well done.

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@root_insurance @BubbaWallace Wow, what a great ad. Thanks for supporting Bubba.

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@nathanplatt Profile picture Nathan Platt


 1 month ago

@root_insurance @BubbaWallace Damn. Well done.

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@root_insurance @BubbaWallace FUCK YES. THIS IS AMAZING.

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@jeniw1966 Profile picture Jeni


 1 month ago

@root_insurance @BubbaWallace Holy crap!!!! Brilliant! I honestly teared up a bit! Great ad!!!

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@root_insurance @BubbaWallace yep I'm joining root insurance this makes me wanna run through a brick wall

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#DiaperDon 😂 😂 😂

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@BitchisBack2020 He is being home schooled now. Problem is there was no pen or pencil to be found. It was entertaining to see him throwing a fit towards that journalist. He's very cranky because #DiaperDon is trending number one in US and Canada right now

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