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 3 months ago

A woman in France accidentally received a phone bill of €11,721,000,000,000,000 (million billion euros)—nearly 6,000 times France's GDP.

It took days of haggling until the phone company finally accepted that it was a mistake, and she owed just €117.21.

They let it go.

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@AndrewNiebs @UberFacts Because they saw million billion and thought

"Ah yes, money"

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 3 months ago

@foomper @UberFacts It might not haven taken days, but it did take multiple separate phone calls. One agent saying “it’s automatically calculated.” Another saying, “nothing they can do.” Another saying, “We can set up an instalment plan.”

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 3 months ago

@PeacefullNoob @UberFacts Good question.. They should have immediately apologised to the woman.

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 3 months ago

@UberFacts This woman is going to pay you more than the entire global economy for a phone bill?

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 3 months ago

@UberFacts Still fucking expensive

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 3 months ago

@UberFacts (I really doubt that it took days for the phone company to accept it was a mistake.)

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 3 months ago

@UberFacts What were they really expecting tho

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 3 months ago

@UberFacts How does a mistake like this take “days” to handle

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 3 months ago

@UberFacts i didn't know french people were that rich

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 3 months ago

@UberFacts Why did it took days lmao

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