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 3 months ago

This is also an opportunity to express my gratitude once more to the thousands of people who’ve sent me personal emails and letters of support. I’m trying to respond to all of them, so please forgive me if I haven’t yet got to yours! 3/X

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@RMSThornton @jk_rowling No they don’t

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@runnamjoon @jk_rowling You’re so right! It’s important— VERY important— to understand the other side’s perspective. Do you have an idea of the perspective of the supporters? Do you want to?

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 3 months ago

@jk_rowling Still holding onto those destructive beliefs I see. Sad that you are not at all sorry for all of the people you have chosen to hurt.

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@jk_rowling thank you for your bravery and unwavering support of women, girls and gay people. we'll always stand with you ❤️

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 3 months ago

@jk_rowling Maybe it’s time for a holiday. Come to Norway, we saw this last night 😮

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@jk_rowling The woke scolds are the Dolores Umbridges of social media. Decent people everywhere stand with you.

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@jk_rowling i'd love to write to thank you but there is just a lot, but i want to say you right now in this tweet: thank you, thank you so much for speak out about what a lot of women are afraid of, YOU ARE SO BRAVE

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@jk_rowling the tide is turning

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 3 months ago

(though believe me, I’m EXTREMELY grateful on that level), but because the signatories are showing solidarity with all the women who’re currently speaking up for their own rights and facing threats of violence and even death in return. 2/3

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 3 months ago

My weekend was heavy (in the very best sense!) on family and light on reading the news, so I only realised this morning that this letter appeared in the Sunday Times yesterday. I'm profoundly grateful to all the signatories, not only on a personal level, 1/3

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The actress Frances Barber and the playwright Tom Stoppard are two of the 58 signatories to a letter which says that JK Rowling is a victim of “an insidious, authoritarian and misogynistic trend in social media”

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