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 4 months ago

What did @Prince think of @AdamLevine’s 2014 cover of #PurpleRain? The @Maroon5 frontman reveals to @HowardStern what his Royal Badness said about the performance.

Find the full interview on @SiriusXM:

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@woodenboatgirl @sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM Yah..that's his trademark n that's what makes it special:)

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@Gdesmone @sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM Dude he’s getting older. It will happen to all of us eventually. Why be nasty?

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 4 months ago

@sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM All his songs sound the same :/

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@sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM

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 4 months ago

@sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM I’m the only one that was not crazy about this interview. He quit writing his own songs. He plagiarized... big surprise. Not crazy about the music... Lars was awesome 👏🏻

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 4 months ago

@sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM My go to you tube song and video!!

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@Gdesmone Profile picture Gregory Desmone


 4 months ago

@sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM Howard got old looking. Wow

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 4 months ago

@sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM He’s on again ? I suppose all the staged callers and fake emails loved it 👎🏻.

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 4 months ago

@Duckfootball192 @sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM And annoyingly fake

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@sternshow @prince @adamlevine @maroon5 @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM This guy is on like every two months now
Next up Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan

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What an incredible match that was

Wow #HardToKill

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Fantastic match 👏👏👏 #HardToKill

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That match was awesome #HardToKill

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You kinda expected that finish but a great match anyway. #HardToKill #KennyOmega

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How thd hell did Swann land on his feet with his ankles intact #HardToKill

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Yo that match was insane. Everybody looked incredible #HardToKill

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BC Elite or whatever has won!! #HardToKill

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