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 4 months ago
Red carpet v lockdown Red carpet v lockdown

Red carpet v lockdown

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 4 months ago

@shaunkrish @jk_rowling That’s hardly a step down! Dogs are often muses.

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@jk_rowling I hope it’s name is Nagini.

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 4 months ago

@jk_rowling It looks like a mini Sirius

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 4 months ago

@jk_rowling I look like the second one all the time tbh

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 4 months ago

@jk_rowling 😂can’t possibly be the same dog

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@jk_rowling "The truth." Dumbledore sighed. "It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution." #JKRowling

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@jk_rowling Uwu, it's so cute

Nice day, queen, stay safe❤

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 4 months ago

@jk_rowling From writing books, you have come down to growing dogs.

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@jk_rowling i guess everybody needs a haircut these days 🤣

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 4 months ago
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#Dachshunds This is my little asshole Chaos. Great 1:1, but a complete jerk around anyone else. Love my lil boy still!!

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My sweet babies, Rusty and Penny #Dachshunds

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#Dachshunds one of my fav old movies

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#Dachshunds are trending for being lil assholes. Grace Marie may steal your seat the second you get up and has eaten @ShaunnaLMurphy 's cats' food as if it was her own. But that head tilt and smile is on point.

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Since #Dachshunds is trending I wanted to share photos of my childhood dog Buster Brown, RIP to my first best friend, who lived to be 19 and was the best dog ever to exist on this planet (OK, tied with Beckett).

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@sarahcpr #Dachshunds may not look it but are as violent as a pit bull, they were bred to kill badgers. I had one when I was a kiddo, she got along famously with the Great Dane across the street, but the doberman 2 blocks over who bit my bro in the butt, she tried to kill, and I do mean

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