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Quoted @HachetteKids

@vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Hi there, The Ickabog UK Edition will include winners from the UK, Republic of India, Australia, New Zealand and India. The US Edition will include winners from the US & Canada. For more information, please visit

The answer to a frequently asked question on my timeline: which country's illustrations will be in which edition?

Once again, congratulations to all the children & young people whose illustrations will feature in the published books - you produced masterpieces! #TheIckabog

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@jk_rowling excited to see the brazilian one 😊

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@jk_rowling Actually, my question was "How are you?".

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@jk_rowling Thank you Jo for you'r incredible storys ❤️💕

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@jk_rowling Wonderful!❤️

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@jk_rowling ❤❤

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@jk_rowling I was just watching an interview of yours

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@jk_rowling What is your favourite Choc bar?

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@jk_rowling Thank you for making all this ❤️

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#HardToKill was a fun show, but this #AEW story ain’t over.

I really wish there was a post match stinger to keep it going, but there’s always Tuesday/Wednesday to do that.

Kenny going for OWA on Moose was almost a sight to see.

@IMPACTWRESTLING starting the year off strong.

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Triple Threat Match Kenny Omega vs Rich Swann vs Moose, winner takes all

#HardToKill #ImpactWrestling #AEW #AEWDynamite

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Hard to Kill was fun, I hope Impact can grow from the position they are in. The extra market share in the wrestling consciousness should be a good starting point #HardToKill #IMPACTonAXSTV

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@DeonnaPurrazzo sigue siendo la campeona de knockouts al derrotar
@TheTayaValkyrie en @IMPACTWRESTLING


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@IMPACTWRESTLING #HardToKill was incredible.

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IMPACT Wrestling #HardToKill 2021 Post-Show Review by @_denisesalcedo 🇺🇸

Click here to watch this live review ➡️

#LuchaCentral #IMPACT #LuchaLibre #ProWrestling #プロレス 🤼‍♂️

➡️ 🌐

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#HardToKill was really, really fun.

A man literally had his heart ripped out.

There was an N64 controller with barbed wire.

The #RohitSeekers nearly returned to glory in a really fun triple threat match.

And Omega did Omega things.

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わかっていたことではありますけど…ケニーとスワン&セイビンは手が合っていましたね。急遽出場することになったムースもよかったし、AEW VS インパクトの試合をもっと見たくなりました。 #HardToKill

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