@vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Hi there, The Ickabog UK Edition will include winners from the UK, Republic of India, Australia, New Zealand and India. The US Edition will include winners from the US & Canada. For more information, please visit

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@ellalouise74 Profile picture Ella


 5 months ago

@Katheri26768382 @HachetteKids @vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Your pictures are amazing! So much warmth and feeling in yours. You have so much talent.

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@caseythemoot Profile picture Casey


 5 months ago

@AOrtizL @HachetteKids @vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Owch poor Ireland

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@HachetteKids @vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling So clearly we’ll have to buy both editions then! 😍😍

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@HachetteKids @vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Republic of INDIA -and- India????

How's that???

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@HachetteKids @vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Thank You for the clarity on this.
I am gonna buy both , pre booked one.
Now will pre book for US edition ofcourse , don't wanna miss anything.🤷

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@follobj Profile picture Bikram উবাচ


 5 months ago

@firebird2110 @HachetteKids @vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Has to be a typo :)

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@firebird2110 Profile picture Ruth O'Hare


 5 months ago

@HachetteKids @vidhyarajesh @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Was that a typo, did you mean Republic or Ireland?

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@HachetteKids @TheIckabog @jk_rowling Will the illustrations in both the copies be the same? (The UK and US versions)

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We are excited to share a first look at the winning illustrations from @TheIckabog illustration competition!

34 winning illustrations have been selected to appear in J.K. Rowling's #TheIckabog, publishing 10th November.

View the winning illustrations:

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