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 5 months ago

This shit was both hella challenging and mad fulfilling to write. Thank you @PlayersTribune for the platform. ❤️

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@Lilchiko25 @JColeNC @PlayersTribune Or just cough on a track
That will push us till the end of the month

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 5 months ago

@robzinterris @JColeNC @PlayersTribune I didnt know ukuth uMTN is a Hip Hop fan

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 5 months ago

@JulienMgg @JColeNC @PlayersTribune Tell me about it.. I was about to go download it now NOW!

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 5 months ago

@JColeNC @PlayersTribune When are you dropping a new album chief.... I'm tired listening to your dope songs during this Lockdown. Do something Cole!

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 5 months ago

@JColeNC @PlayersTribune At least drop a snippet or sum

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 5 months ago

@JColeNC @PlayersTribune Thought this was the album tweet...

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 5 months ago
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He walks upstairs to his room and is never seen again like Judy on Family Matters #TrumpSeriesFinale

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@tedcruz Are you proud of what you have caused? You did this! You are a traitor to America and the Constitution
Shame on you!

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I can’t take credit for this #TrumpSeriesFinale But whoever thought of it… Kudos to you! It was my pleasure to retweet and I will re-tweet and retweet again because it’s just way too good!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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The new footage of the guys in the capitol, look like a bunch of dads lost in the mall looking for their wives. Yal are embarrassing af. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #CapitolBuilding #CapitolRiots #terrorist #TrumpSeriesFinale #DomesticTerrorists

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So Far the Last Episode of Trump is about as disjointed and pointless and the Dexter Finale.

#TrumpSeriesFinale #Trump

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