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 6 months ago

Oh, yeah! Mayor @CHunschofsky is joining @WhenWeAllVote’s #CivicCities to get everyone voting in Parkland, FLA. I’ve never been to Parkland, but Me Likeeee! Hanx.

Take a look at the dozens of mayors doing this, too:

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@billgum8 @tomhanks @CHunschofsky @WhenWeAllVote Same tired straw man. Change has to come from industry not purely individual action. Crack the maths book and prove me wrong.

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 6 months ago

@Woodtang69 @tomhanks @CHunschofsky @WhenWeAllVote Read the room, Wood-Tang.

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 6 months ago
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 6 months ago

@tomhanks @CHunschofsky @WhenWeAllVote Sweet, with the help TRUMP will win Florida!!

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Trying to #shopsmall on #SmallBusinessSaturday but cmon Alexandria $150 for a 6 foot Christmas tree is stupid.

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Today is #SmallBusinessSaturday this are a few of my creations

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Today is #SmallBusinessSaturday and, sadly, I am a little under the weather so my only purchase was a healing honey-lemon-ginger from Woodstar (picked up by a friend). As a result, I'm going to have to turn it into Small Business December so I can continue to support local biz.

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The weather is PERFECT for our White Water Mussels - sour beer, herb butter and celery leaf served with a Bake Shop Baguette. Join us for Date Night Dinner and pair our mussels with a bottle of Delamotte 🍾. #EatLocal #SmallBusinessSaturday #DateNight

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Small Business Saturday encourages shoppers to buy local this holiday season via @stalbertgazette " #SmallBusinessSaturday brought to you by #CFIB & @AmexCanada."

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Hey here are some Krampus-related things that should meet the interests of many of my mutuals.
Nice way to celebrate
With the excellent people from the excellent @NOFSpodcast

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#SelfPromotionSaturday !
The Newcastle Etsy Xmas market is running until tomorrow if you're looking for fab Xmas gifts!

#shopsmall #SmallBusinessSaturday #shoplocal #xmasmarket

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