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 7 months ago

Groovy #CouchParty today for, like, oh what’s the word? DEMOCRACY, that’s it. @WhenWeAllVote. I’ll be there.

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 7 months ago

@tomhanks @WhenWeAllVote I hope you are fine.

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 7 months ago

@tomhanks @WhenWeAllVote I’d do anything to meet you!!! #fansincebosombuddies

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 7 months ago

@tomhanks @WhenWeAllVote the father of cinema has spoken

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I was late sending my Auburn kid my traditional #RollTide text during the #ironbowl #ironbowl2020 . He hasn't responded. 🤣That's what we get for teaching our kids to think for themselves. *snort*

#RollTide ❤️🐘🏈

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Man! Gotta go hurry up so we can get down close enough for another FG! #ironbowl2020

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#NobodyLikesKelly Auburn Bama #SmallBusinessSaturday #shopsmall Clemson Cornell Powell #loveorhost Bo Nix Sarah Fuller #PlayLikeAGirl Vanderbilt Tamera Harbaugh TOBI Mac Jones #ironbowl2020 Malachi Moore Michigan Penn State Northwestern Vandy

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@tripprogers31 @TrippRodgers Good@to see Auburn sucking so much. Cheater school! Fuxk’em! #Auburn #Auburnsucks #alabamafootball #ironbowl2020

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Is it Smoke or Smoked?

Cause all I’ve seen is his ass getting Smoked 🤣🤣🤣 #ironbowl2020 #IronBowl #rolltide

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