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 10 months ago

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Happy 14th birthday to our African penguin Sandy! πŸ§πŸŽ‚ #FloridaAquarium #FridayFeeling

everyone needs to stop what they're doing and wish Sandy a happy birthday

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@TwitterVideo Happy belated Birthday Sandy! 😊

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 9 months ago

@TwitterVideo Happy by age friend

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 10 months ago

@TwitterVideo Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰

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 10 months ago

@TwitterVideo Happy birthday Sandy. It's my birthday too today. Honored to share this day with you. It's our 1st day in lockdown in South Africa today so i hope you can move freely and not be confined like me today.

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@TwitterVideo Sandy should first wish the world a free virus world forever.

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 10 months ago


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Wait what’s happening? What the fuck are stocks? Hedge funds? Something about having enough money to put it in to something in the hopes of making more money? In this climate? #eattherich

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Here is a very good explanation of what's happening with the #wallstreetbets and #GameStop , etc. Stuff.
Anyways! #EatTheRich :)

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@bmkibler The wage slaves are the ones winning this time so the rich are upset #eattherich

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Do I support #StockMarketBets on @reddit? Yes. The #StockMarket is a corrupt institution and needs to be torn down and torn out of the American #economy since we refuse to properly regulate it. It's outlived its usefulness and now only exists to widen the wealth gap. #EatTheRich

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Anyone who has money in this GameStop extravaganza do not fucking sell. Teach those fuckers a lesson. #EatTheRich

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Sponsored post: #EatTheRich #finance looking for something that makes you happy? hit this up According to these other companies Its Inhaler might be approximately 98% bioavailable. Check disclaimer on profile and landing page

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Strange note to get passed over in the middle of a meeting, but I appreciate the sentiment $GME #RobinHood #EatTheRich

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Manipulating the markets and trading platforms so that poor people don't win. That's rich πŸ‘Œ #EatTheRich
@clashofwsb @WSBChairman
@wsbmod @peterdaou @elonmusk
@orf @AOC @mcuban

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