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@RichterHedwig Wärst Du so lieb, die Antworten in einen #Thread zu setzen? Ich weiss auch nicht, wie das geht, hahaha, aber wäre doch ideal, dass wir alle ne Grundliteraturliste hätten. Ich finde Dein Werk gehört dazu "Demokratie" und mein "Vermessung der Frau" ist auch nicht schlecht...

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प्रेम में जरुरी नहीं कि हर बात पर सहमति हो। हो सकता है कि मुझे प्रेम को दुनिया के सामने ज़ाहिर करना पसंद हो और उन्हें 'भूंसे के नीचे कांच के बर्तन' जैसे छिपा कर रखना। मुझे प्रेम में उन्हें ख़ुद से बांध कर रखना पसंद हो और उन्हें आज़ादी।

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I would really love to feature some kids art over on the @Cartoonmuseumuk blog for our #DrawTheInauguration Challenge! As the #InaugurationDay looms why not have a go at drawing #Trump or #Biden for your #homeschooling @kidsinmuseums #PleaseRT details in #thread 1/4

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For this weeks #FairyTaleTuesday, @EnchantedEzine has requested posts on damsels in charge, powerful princesses, warrior women, enchanting Enchantresses & other interesting women in #mythology #fairytales #folktales #myths & #legends. Here is a #thread
#keepingClassicsalive 1/11

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@Dweedz1 Bonjour, please find the unroll here: ❌ #Thread Confinement mortel En 2020, la surmortalité NON due au Covid est globalement plus élevée que la surmortalité… Share this if you think it's interesting. 🤖

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#Thread #Cricket

It's important that credit should be given to the right individuals where 'coaching' is concerned. Let's not be blind to some leading contributions that have come from lesser-known names.
#TeamIndia #coaches

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Jamaican Policing System needs to get fixed. Woke up a 3am to sounds outside my window. Sounds sketchy enough to keep me awake. At 3:30 I heard voices. Texted all my family members that live close by to find out if they were there before I became alerted. #Thread #threadstorytime

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If you are going for an Airbnb

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@subiism @Airbnb_in This is hilarious. What an amazing host.

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cc @SuisseSenegal @SouthAfrica @citizentvkenya @RwandaGov @rbarwanda @rbarwanda #Top10 @RwandaMFA @Angolans #thread
#tuesdaythoughts #topten #movie #Tuesday #movies

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#Thread Odoxa et les instituts de sondage :

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Warning ⚠️ 18+. Viewer’s discretion advised.
NB: To be viewed by People with medical backgrounds.
Leiomyomas, 2.4kg from a 26 y/o Nulliparous woman yesterday. Who else has excised this from a young woman?
Is this an increasing trend?
@aproko_doctor @DrOlufunmilayo


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Media Statement
For immediate release

Non Payment Of Salaries Circular Withdrawn

ADM Headquarters, Tuesday 19 January 2020

Following engagements with the National and Provincial Government held on 15 January 2021 Amathole District Municipality (ADM) has withdrawn...

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Piattaforme e libertà di espressione, #thread del presidente @AsimmetrieOrg
prof. @PontiBenedetto
Da leggere!!!

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20 Questions sur la réponse française à l'épidémie de #COVID19 ( #Thread) 1) Pourquoi aucune grande campagne de com' n'a-t-elle été lancée sur la contamination par aérosol ? 2) Pourquoi a...… Thread by @moreauchevrolet

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@Guglielmo_Totti Saluti, the unroll you asked for: Una risposta (provvisoria, e non richiesta) a @CBlengio su piattaforme, libertà di espressione, censura etc. #thread… Enjoy :) 🤖

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Let me bring the Rapid Response Register to you guys' notice;

What is it?
- a monthly cash intervention by the FG to help Nigerians who are economically affected by Covid19

Who benefits?
- Daily wage earners, petty traders & low income earners

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Soon you'll be hearing about Rapid Response Register (RRR). #Thread .

- RRR, an intervention by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

- It targets self-sustaining low income/daily wage earners who lost their stream of income because of the pandemic. #ESPCashForNigerians

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Kurz- #Thread zur neuen "Defend Europe" Mission der IB
Die Identitäre Bewegung gibt an, am bereits geschlossenen #Portillon-Pass in den Pyrenäen illegale Grenzübertritte verhindern zu wollen.
Sie machen an der Grenze zwischen #Frankreich & #Spanien also erneut Jagd auf Flüchtende!

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@HurryKNSandy En voilà un bel hommage Sandy avec ton #thread ... Au revoir M. Jean-Pierre Bacri 😥😥 #RIP

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#Thread Le test RT-PCR n’est pas obligatoire pour le retour vers la France hexagonale.
Prenons soin les uns des autres en respectant les gestes barrières.

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The #Thread of #Billy the kid quotations grows...

Bohot barkat hai, Masha'Allah

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#Thread À compter du lundi 18 janvier 2021, tout voyageur de 11 ans et plus se rendant dans les Îles de Guadeloupe, devra obligatoirement :

- Présenter des résultats négatifs du test RT-PCR à réaliser 72 heures avant le départ (les tests antigéniques ne sont plus autorisés)

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#Thread Afin de protéger les Îles de Guadeloupe, ses habitants et ses visiteurs des variants du virus, le gouvernement a annoncé des nouvelles modalités de voyages. 👇 1/5

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#Thread ⬇️

La #ProtectionDesPlantes, c’est un ensemble de métiers de passionnés. 🌾

Au plus près des #agriculteurs et des territoires ruraux, tour d’horizon d’un secteur dynamique, aussi et surtout en matière d’emplois 🔍


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La question du stationnement payant des #2RM refait surface.
▶️ lire la note rapide de l’Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme de juin 2016 (données Enquête Global Transport de 2010) :
Les 2RM : qu’elle approche pour les politiques de mobilité ?
#Thread (1/9) ⤵️

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#Thread Mo searches for pronouns....

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Das nenne ich mal modernen Bürgerservice: Der Januar ist für alle Haus- und Grundbesitzer in #Brasilien der Monat, in dem die Grundsteuer IPTU fällig wird, entweder ganzen Jahresbeitrag mit 10% Rabatt oder monatlich zum Monatsletzten. #Thread

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When applying for a radio job, your most important material is your demo.

A resume might list your previous experience, but it doesn’t prove you have a voice that will engage listeners and enhance the station’s reputation.

#Thread 👇🏾

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Veja na #thread desta terça-feira (19) as notícias sobre o novo #coronavírus no #mundo:

➡ Assista com sinal aberto na #GloboNews e no #CanaisGlobo:

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To fix this and sort it out. Please kindly refund me my money, I sub that app monthly, refund me my money and know peace, I visit cinemas to watch your movies as well. I’m completely tired of mentioning you in tweets. U re seeing every mention Nd be chosen to keep calm #Thread

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So I want to understand why I won’t be refunded. Dear @funkeakindele I’m a big fan. Have supported your brand, work and whatever u do from day 1. From the days of sherikoko, so why won’t you guys refund me, #Thread contacted Tomi and John on IG. They have practically refused

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Today in #DetectingDeception is this story and what it can teach us about lurking variables. People's preference for simple explanations can mean trouble when it comes to cause and effect. #Thread

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For years, every time I'd drive from Qayyumabad to Sh-e-Faisal, I'd look left as I sped along the expressway and wonder about this abadi on the left. There is a thing that happens with me: stories chal ke ati hain. So in 2021, I found myself in that abadi. This is its story...

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Landmine-a vagina.

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Here it is...the first time ever in human history that black people and white people were seen in an ad together.

“Boys on a Bench” 🧵👇

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Identitäre in #Frankreich kündigen neue Mission von "Defend Europe" an.
Bei ihrer gescheiterten Mission 2017 nahmen sie dabei das Leben in Geflüchteter billigend in Kauf, indem sie die Seenotrettung behindern wollten. 2018 stellten sie einen provisorischen Zaun in den Alpen auf.

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Le député @GaelLeBohec aime beaucoup communiquer autour de sujets liés à l'Education Nationale.
Mais connait-il mieux que les enseignants de terrain ce que nous vivons au quotidien ?
Nous sommes au travail et au contact des élèves, chaque jour.

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Le principal actionnaire d’Odoxa est Bernard Arnault, patron et principal actionnaire de LVMH et propriétaire de Le Parisien.

Nicolas Bazire est l’un des administrateurs de LVMH et il cumule en étant administrateur de l’institut de sondage IPSOS.

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Kids and parents looking for a #lockdown #homeschooling activity, you can #DRAWTHEINAUGURATION too! You use these guides to draw/colour in new President Biden or former President Trump, and share with us via twitter!


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