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I’m attending SMART Elections’s event, “Election Protection Series” – sign up now to join me! #ElectionProtection

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The #ElectionProtection hotline is still live this week from Monday - Friday (10am - 6pm ET). Call or text 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) if you have lingering questions about the 2020 elections or need help making a plan to vote for upcoming state and municipal elections near you.

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#Texas .@TexasScorecard

.@TPPF’s #ElectionProtection panel

Many lawsuits loosened rules for accepting #MailBallots, which are inherently less secure than in-person voting.

#ElectionIntegrity .@TXlege

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#Texas .@TexasScorecard

.@TPPF’s #ElectionProtection panel

A “legal onslaught” from the left, targeting states’ voting processes, caused major #ElectionIntegrity problems.

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I’m attending @SMART_elections event, “SMART Elections: Volunteer Orientation & Team Meetup” – sign up now to join me! #ElectionProtection #ElectionSecurity

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#NBAYLD #ElectionProtection Chair @AshleyMLee110 started off her #MLK #DayOfService by virtually donating to @ThriveDC with #NBAYLD! Thrive DC works to prevent and end homelessness in Washington, DC! Join us for our virtual #DayOfService event!

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Proud to start this #MLKDay by participating in the @nba_yld virtual #MLKDayofService by donating much needed items to @ThriveDC!

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"We're going to have to continue to be vigilant...”

Jon Greenbaum, chief counsel for @LawyersComm says an unprecedented number of election law suits should be taken as a sign to remain alert. #electionprotection #wksu

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If you are one of our incredible #ElectionProtection hotline volunteers, reply to this tweet and tell us why you volunteered to protect Americans' rights to vote. #WhyIVolunteer

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💕This election season, @866OURVOTE received over 240,000 calls from voters around the country. We couldn't have done it without the help of thousands of volunteer attorneys. We won't stop fighting for our democracy.

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We sent almost 300 letters to NY officials in 3 days. We are at 291. They are noticing. Keep sending.
Assembly Member Epstein @HarveyforNY - "I agree it should not be used and will work to stop the certification." #ExpelTheXL #ElectionProtection

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@JenniferAhearn rocks it. One of the most knowledgeable policy experts we have worked with - talking about the most ambitious election reform legislation in years. Well worth listening to. #ElectionProtection

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The #ElectionProtection Series | Episode 16 | HR1 & ES&S via @YouTube

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We just had one of our best forums ever!
Guest @jenniferahearn
Policy Director @CREWcrew
gives an overview & nitty gritty on #HR1, the most ambitious #ElectionReform legislation in years.
+ The Battle to stop a "bad" voting machine heats up.

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Fighting for election protection 👇🏻
Watch "The #ElectionProtection Series | Episode 16 | HR1 & ES&S" on YouTube

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Help stop the certification of a horrible voting system in NY state! I just wrote a @theactionnet letter: Stop ExpressVote XL Certification in New York. Write one here: #electionprotection #VotingRights

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Tonight! A fascinating & timely forum.
#HR1 is before Congress now. Possibly the most transformative legislation for our elections in years. @jenniferahearnk of @CREWcrew explains the bill.
+ #ElectionSecurity on the line
On YouTube


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We sent almost 200 letters to NY officials in 2 days - telling them that we don't want to vote on the ExpressVote XL. In a 2019 race it declared the wrong candidate the winner. Is that what you want to vote on? Plz send your letter now. It takes 3 minutes.

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I’m attending SMART Elections’s event, “Election Protection Series” – sign up now to join me! #ElectionProtection

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Damn right take the $$$ Outta Elections #electionProtection

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The #ElectionProtection hotline will continue to take calls, texts, and chat messages from 10am-6pm ET. Chat with a trained, non-partisan volunteer Monday - Friday on Twitter, Facebook, or What's App. #ProtectOurVote

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Remember that we have an #ElectionProtection forum on Tuesday at 7pm.
HR1 - For the People Act introduced in Congress
NY attempts to certify a voting machine that election security experts actually call "Bad".
Sign up now!

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Remember our #ElectionProtection forum
1/12 7pm ET Ton of Action!
Jennifer Ahearn | Policy Director
Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Wash
(CREW) Re: #HR1

Disability advocate Frank Pennisi Re: how do voting machines really get certified?

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You can also sign up to speak at the NY State Board of Election meeting
Thurs 1/14/21 at 10am - 3 minute time limit
Send requests to speak to election_ops@elections.ny.gov
Request must be received by 1/12/21 at 5pm.
Thank you!

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Vote AUDIT 10 day delay denied Citizens. @GOP @HouseGOP you cowards rolled over again to #Demonrats #ElectionProtection duty to #States certifying election lawful has been denied #Citizens that's the #Truth #Biden in bed with #China r all of U? Keep Pervert away from #Children

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@SenSasse @GOP AUDIT w/h solved issues completely you Cowards @POTUS #MAGA @LindseyGrahamSC #Republicans who did not #StopTheSteal2020 neglected their duty R TRAITORS to the Citizens #ElectionProtection & duty to #States that election was lawful has been denied #DemocratsCheated

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Most of what is being called election “fraud” or “irregularities” is really the product of a poorly designed, inefficient, vulnerable, and untrustworthy system of collecting and counting legitimate votes. It's not a nationwide conspiracy and it can be fixed. #ElectionProtection

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@SMART_elections Here is how to support us. And we need your support in order to transform a volunteer miracle into a comprehensive education, oversight & auditing operation.
Our work is unique relevant & necessary.
Thank you for protecting your vote.


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The #ElectionProtection hotline is still live today, January 6th. Have questions about making sure your ballot will be counted in the #GASenateRunoff? Have questions about Congress certifying the results of the 2020 general election? Call or text 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683).

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Oh you thought it was a game?! It’s Election Day 🗳 in Georgia and your fav #ElectionProtection duo was back at it again! 🍑 YLD #ElectionProtection Queen 👑 @AshleyMLee110 and YLD Chair Williams teamed up to volunteer with @866ourvote today! 🎉

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Georgia voters if you're still waiting in line to vote and the polls are scheduled to close, remember you still have a right to vote. Stay in line, make your voice heard! #ElectionProtection

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If you are in line to vote at your polling place by 7pm, you are eligible to vote! If a poll worker or another voter tries to challenge your right to vote, call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) to get help from a trained #ElectionProtection volunteer. #GASenateRunoff

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If your assigned polling location is Old Courthouse in Chatham County, your hours have been extended to 7:33! If you are in line by 7:33pm, STAY IN LINE! They must let you vote. If you have any issues or questions, call our Voter Protection Hotline at 888-730-5816. #gapol #gasen

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A reminder to voters in #Georgia still waiting to cast their ballots: if you're in line when your polling location is scheduled to close, you are eligible to vote. Please, STAY IN LINE and make your voice heard! #ElectionProtection

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Georgia voters: Today is Election Day! Call or text the #ElectionProtection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) if you need help: #SecureVoteGA 👇 #GaPol

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ATTENTION #GEORGIA #VOTERS: If you have questions about today's #RunoffElection, call or text 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) to speak to a #nonpartisan #ElectionProtection volunteer. #DefendingDemocracy

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Find your polling place here ⬇️

Call or text 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) with any questions about voting in the #GASenateRunoff. We're here to help. #ProtectOurVote #ElectionProtection

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Today is the #GASenateRunoff election – make sure to go to the polls by 7pm – check your voting location here -

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Worked the polls in Gwinnett County today with this beautiful soul! #electionprotection #gapol #gasen

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Did you request an absentee ballot? Track yours by visiting . #GaPol #SecureVoteGa

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