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DARPA's new ENVision will provided night-vision, including thermal imaging, by a single flat lens like a pair of eyeglasses! @DARPA #nightvision #thursdaymorning #breakthroughtech

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DARPA's new ENVision will provide night-vision, including thermal imaging, by a single flat lens like a pair of eyeglasses!
#nightvision #thursdaymorning #breakthroughtech

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Welcome to our first ever #BreakThroughTech winterns joining our engineering org. We look forward to seeing what they get up to over the next few weeks. #CommvaultLife #internship #STEM

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Meet Anika, our social entrepreneur intern and 2020 #wintern from Queens College CUNY! She’s a talented UIX designer and was part of creating our soon to release MSC App. We can’t wait to see her design the career she loves! #mysocialcanvas #breakthroughtech #witny #winternship

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F2G rakes in funding for their novel antifungal agent Olorofim. This tech was granted Breakthrough Therapy designation by the FDA.

by @BioSpace

#Biotech #BreakthroughTech

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This is the fifth year of faculty workshops for the @cornell_tech @CUNY #BreakThroughTech initiative. This team @amyleighfurman @debjmarcus @drjspitz has driven amazing outcomes for women in tech.

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There may be a tropical storm outside, but inside we're talking about @NSF #BroadeningParticipationinComputing with around 30 faculty members from 9 @CUNY colleges with the #BreakThroughTech team. Great dialogue! #CSforALL

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Many congratulations to Daniel Martinho-Corbishleyand @auravisionai . on winning the Progressive Breakthrough Award for 2020. #innovation #breakthroughtech

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If you have ever wondered about whether a career in tech might be for you - the Break Through Tech Summer Guild is for you. The #futureoftech needs YOU! #breakthroughtech

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So grateful to Mark Harris and @DiscoveryDPI for giving me the chance to talk to the next generation of leaders in tech in Chicago! Check out @BreakThroughCHI programs rolling out at UIC to propel more women into tech careers. @CHANCE_UIC #breakthroughtech @cornell_tech

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Judith gave an inspiring talk about her path from a speech and language specialist to CIO of Verizon, and stressed why diverse voices are so important to be at the table within artificial intelligence.

#DiscoverDPI #DigitalScholarsAcademy

Cc: @CHANCE_UIC @BreakThroughCHI

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You don’t need to know anything about computers to participate in our first (free!) Summer Guild program. Starts August 12 and runs for five weekdays. Work together to apply technology to the problem of food insecurity. Use your UIC login here:

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Class photo time! One of our awesome #BreakThroughTech cohorts. This program is dedicated to accelerating #GenderEquality in tech and
is proud to support that mission Flexed biceps Sunrise #learntocode #csforall

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This transformational program can kickstart your education and career in tech - which you will learn is NOT a loner sport for guys! #breakthroughtech

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Pssst, Summer Guild is starting soon, pass it on! 💻

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If you’re a tech junkie like me looking for new investments you will find this fascinating. #BreakthroughTech

UNSW researchers report mass hydrogen storage breakthrough

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#BreakThroughTech is partnering with @melindagates's Pivotal Ventures to combat gender inequality in tech through the Equality Can't Wait Challenge, a $30m investment to boost the power of women in the American tech industry.

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Another critical issue for women studying CS in college in the pandemic: many tech company summer internships, critical to careers, evaporated this summer. Our students NEED this resume builder to help get their first job. #BreakThroughTech

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It’s true that women are disproportionately missing out, despite national conversations about the lack of diversity in tech.

All this data that Dr. Barrett (@GirlsWhoCode) cites, despite STEM jobs growing 79% since 1990.

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I have the privilege of working with this talented CS Professor at @UICCS who is preparing the next generation of tech thinkers, creators, and problem solvers.

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"I know that when we build teams to solve problems, to design products & systems, that those teams are most effective and most successful when they're diverse."

Hear more from @UICCS's Professor Shanon Reckinger on #GETChicago's plan for diversity driving success 👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿

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Honored to be associated with the #EqualityCantWait Challenge, which will award $30 million to help expand women’s power and influence in the United States by 2030. Apply now at @cornell_tech #breakthroughtech @GETCities

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Check out this Op-Ed in @Medium today about how to make the tech industry more inclusive, which includes how Cornell Tech's #BreakThroughTech is working towards closing the gender and underrepresentation gap in tech.

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Equity matters. That applies to tech too. We've come together to pool our knowledge, and resources to change our sector. @ai4allorg @AnitaB_org #BreakThroughTech @CodePath @CSforALL @rebootrepresent @Digundiv #LastMileEducationFund @NCWIT

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Prioritizing racial and gender equity will require measurable action from tech companies. Nine advocacy organizations, including UIC computer science partner #BreakThroughTech, offer specific steps to take:

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We, along with our advocacy partners, have a message for leaders in tech: it's time to build equity into all of our processes.

@rebootrepresent @AnitaB_org #BreakThroughTech @codepath @CSforALL @digundiv #LastMileEducationFund @NCWIT

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The tech industry must prioritize equity. NOW.

Learn how we & our advocacy partners can actionably prioritize inclusion in tech now & into the future.

@ai4allorg @AnitaB_org #BreakThroughTech @CodePath @CSforALL @Digundiv #LastMileEducationFund @NCWIT

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@DFranklinDavis, CEO of @rebootrepresent, highlights the added inequity that women of color face in gaining entry into tech careers, especially in light of COVID-19. I'm proud that #BreakThroughTech is working to be part of the solution.

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In a tech sector already grappling with inequities, #COVID19 threatens gains we’ve made for #WOC. Read more in @FastCompany about how these barriers show up and how we can overcome them with strategies from orgs like @collegefund and #BreakThroughTech:

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I would *not* be here without WiTNY (now #BreakThroughTech) and @drjspitz. In undergrad I wanted to be in tech but almost didn't bc I constantly doubted myself. I joined a WiTNY python class & internship program that boosted my skills & confidence 10x. Now I'm a CS masters! (🤯)

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Fun fact: @RinaS was part of the first class #BreakThroughTech (then WiTNY) piloted at @CUNY @macaulayhonors. This is such a beautiful piece about her @cornell_tech experience & makes me ache for campus life. Rina, it was so fun to run into you on campus & I miss you! @drjspitz

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Rina Schiller, Masters of Engineering in Computer Science '20, reflects on her #CornellTech experience! #Cornell2020

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#BreakThroughTech is offering an entirely online workshop to @thisisUIC students this summer to inspire curiosity about education/careers in tech.

Want to make tech more inclusive? Your company can help. Learn more👇

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Congratulations to @RinaS who was just named Student of the Year at @cornell_tech and who was Student #1 at #WiTNY back when we launched in 2016 at @CUNY. A feather in #WiTNY's cap😊

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#Breakthroughtech is so proud to be partnering with @UICCS to change the future of tech.

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Organizations throughout #Chicago are proving how strong the City's support system is. Shoutout to our partner @thisisUIC for keeping students and the greater Chicago community supported and providing resources to benefit everyone's overall well being 💪

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Chicago is the first of three cities outside New York chosen for #BreakThroughTech as part of a broader effort to boost women’s participation in the tech economy. #womenintech #STEM #daretobedifferent

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Thanks to @Cognizant for sponsoring this event as they continue to lead in promoting women’s empowerment. #breakthroughtech

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#breakthroughs #breakthroughtechnology #breakthroughtech #breakthroughtechnologies #technology #technologynews #technews #techreview #technologyreview #mittechnologyreview

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@drjspitz explains how WiTNY is helping college women get internships & #tech experience while increasing gender equity in companies. #WomensHistoryMonth

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After 3 years of success @CUNY in NYC, Break Through Tech is going national with @GETCities to help accelerate gender equality in tech, starting at the University of Illinois at Chicago. #CornellTech #BreakThroughTech

👉 Learn more:

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Today is a day for invention - National Inventors Day - Check out these breakthrough technologies and predictions for things to come!

#BreakthroughTech #NationalInventorsDay

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Born out of the mission of Cornell Tech, Break Through Tech works at the intersection of education, impact, innovation, and industry collaboration to achieve gender equality in tech.
#BreakThroughTech #ZicklinPride #ZicklinBusiness #nyc #baruch #zicklingcmc #bebaruch #baruchpride

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@kristentitus is doing what she always does - making a strategic vision a reality - this time at Cognizant Thank you for supporting #breakthroughtech as part of your big vision.

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