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@cihp_ng In achieving epidemic control of HIV infections 95 percent of global population needs to get tested to ascertain their HIV status. That's the way to go.

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[1] Our statement on the TRNC Ministry of Health's Statement on the Commemoration of #WordAIDSDay

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Mercy Shibema is a Legacy Award recipient and courageous social activist who has used her own experience of stigma and discrimination to drive her commitment and pursuit of equality for young people living with #HIV. @mercyshibemba.

#WAD2020 #WordAidsDay

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#WordAIDSDay : in southern Africa, adolescent girls are particularly affected by new HIV infections. In contrast, boys are more likely to die of #AIDS. For 🇨🇭 gender differentiated responses tailored to the specific needs of young men&women are crucial for ending AIDS by 2030.

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"a powerful take on a period of time that most of us wish to forget."

For #WordAIDSDay, a reminder of @STBwrites thoughts from a few years back on the film The Normal Heart...

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@BBCNWT And yet, your board ban presenters like @grahnort from wearing a red ribbon for #WordAidsDay. Apologise properly or not at all.

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Thank you @DrRobGarofalo for being part of this conversation for this special #WordAIDSDay feature.

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Today, we mark #WorldAIDSDay in conversation with @DrRobGarofalo and Christopher, who discuss their experiences of living with HIV after receiving their diagnoses more than a decade apart. Find the podcast within the article here: #WorldAIDSDay2020

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#WordAidsDay faça o teste na unidade de saúde mais próxima.

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On #WordAidsDay thanks to @klgates for inviting me to speak to your international LGBTQ+ network Whilst our community still faces challenge 40 years after the start of the aids pandemic it was wonderful to experience the love & support internationally for ⁦⁦@aktcharity

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On #WordAIDSDay, let us take a moment to remember the souls we have lost to HIV/AIDS. Let us honor their memory by investing in public health solutions and recommitting ourselves to ridding the planet of this awful virus. #EndHIVEpidemic

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Questa minaccia nell'aria ha creato nuove complicità, nuove tenerezze, nuove solidarietà (Hervé Guibert - All'amico che non mi ha salvato la vita)

1/12, #WordAidsDay. Una pandemia non ne cancella un'altra, proteggetevi, parlate, informatevi. Perché non torni il silenzio.

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"The fact we didn't care, we stood by whilst people died in our towns and cities... is embarrassing to anyone with a conscience or morals"

For #WordAIDSDay, a reminder of @STBwrites thoughts from a few years back on the film The Normal Heart...

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Covid setting back decades of HIV prevention work. #WordAidsDay La COVID-19 pourrait mettre en péril des décennies de travail sur le VIH/sida

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To mark #WordAidsDay SAWOR @SavetheWorldSu1 Executive Director @JohhnIbekwe9 will be live on City Radio,Onitsha @Cityradio897fm today by 6:30 pm local time to discuss issues on HIV/AIDS. #StopStigmatizing #GetTested #KnowYourStatus
@UNAIDS @MaziChukwuebuk1 @fhi360 @amwhoGates

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End the Stigma and Increase Care #WordAidsDay

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In honor of #WordAidsDay I'm bringing this thread back. To all my HIV Positive folks out there, I see you. We are beautiful, deserving of love and affection, and our lives are just as precious as anyone else's. I love you! Looking for testing or treatment visit @ohivhotline

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Le VIH ne peut pas se transmettre par un baiser, un éternuement, la toux, une piqûre d’insecte ou le partage d’un verre ou d’un vêtement.

Ensemble, luttons contre la sérophobie !
#WordAidsDay #Gabon

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Today is World AIDS Day. This is not a thing to panic about. One should share the awareness of AIDS with the people who don't know. People who are unaware should not spread false rumors.A person infected with it should not be treated harshly. #aidsday #wordaidsday #aids #infected

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Today on #WorldAidsDay, we remember all those those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses as well as those living with or affected by HIV.

We’re singing at a special online event with @forumplus to mark #WordAidsDay. Join us from 6.30 - details below.

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Today is #WordAIDSDay.

While incredible progress has been made in the UK to eliminate HIV transmission by 2030, we still need to stop stigma and prejudice of those living with HIV and increase awareness.

More info 👉

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El #1Diciembre se conmemora el #DíaMundialDelSida con el fin de generar conciencia sobre la infección por #VIH.

En #2020 el 🌎 se detuvo, pero el VIH/ SIDA no.

“Solidaridad mundial, responsabilidad compartida”


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SIDA la nan mitan nou, se vre li pa yon fatalite men nou tout dwe pwoteje tèt nou pandan nap sèvi ak kapòt epi gen yon sèl patnè seksyèl.
#WordAIDSDay #1Dec #JournéeMondialeDeLutteContreLeSida
#CafeNono #Kafezansèt #cafenonoayiti #PwodiksyonNasyonal

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“Let’s own our narrative around HIV”


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For 28 years, my Foundation, @ejaf, has done everything it can to challenge stigma and discrimination, prevent infections and provide care with love and compassion. However, these challenges remain a significant barrier to us reaching a world free from AIDS. We will not give up.

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You will NOT get #HIV from

🔘standing by your friend
🔘drinking tea together
🔘shaking hands
🔘showing that you care


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On #WorldAIDSDay we stand in solidarity with all people living with or affected by HIV, & we remember all those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Join us online from 6.30pm for a very special virtual event

#RockTheRibbon #Community #Solidarity

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Today is #WorldAIDSDay!

Take a moment to thank community health workers, nurses, doctors, scientists & everybody involved in the fight against #HIV around 🌎🌍🌏.

They are at the forefront playing a 🗝️ part in supporting people living with HIV & helping to end AIDS.

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In honor of #WorldAIDSDay2018 I have decided to share my story. On August 26th of 2016 I was diagnosed with #hiv . The diagnoses seemed like the final catastrophe in a year that was already proving itself to be disastrous. But I don’t feel that way anymore...

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