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@renukash A Deep Emotional Embrace and a great eye opener for many.... @itsKajolD #tribhanga #AjayDevgn

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Either #Tribhanga is a good film or Kajol is just being awesome

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#Tribhanga The film is so touching enjoyed ,a lot :)

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After a long long time, watched a lovely refreshing movie.
My favourite scene: When she explains that her Mother is Abhanga, Her Daughter Samabhanga & She is #Tribhanga. In the end the movie explains us that all 3 have their struggles in life. Beautifully said.

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'She has done so much to give you a good life' is what people see out there but in reality, she has taken so much away from her to be who she is.


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In Bollywood, having a script that is not just feminine but also women-driven definitely stands out from the copious Hindi films released in recent months. Read our review of Netflix's #Tribhanga here, starring everyone's favourite @itsKajolD:

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#Tribhanga (2021)

My goodness 🥺 the main story of this movie is freaking deep!! So emotional... Mother-children and family issues, i can not 😢

And finally, i can see @itsKajolD again after such a loooong time!! 😍

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.@renukash opens up about @iamsrk from the #Circus days! What was the advice that #ShahRukhKhan gave @itsKajolD that helped her career?

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#SidK #Tribhanga

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Tribhanga: काजोल की ‘त्रिभंग’ नेटफ्लिक्स पर मचा रही है हंगामा, तीन पीढ़ी की महिलाओं की है। कहानी #tribhanga @itsKajolD

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Streaming Top 5 powered by @OrmaxMedia

Which films and shows ranked highest on streaming platforms last week? Find out and tell us which one did you like the most! #Tribhanga #Gullak #Bullets #Tandav #Kaagaz

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@ajaydevgn has played a very important role in my life: @itsKajolD

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#SidK #Kajoldevgan #Ajaydevgan #Renukashahane #bollywood #Tribhanga @NetflixIndia

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What is most refreshing about #Tribhanga is that it speaks up for women who refuse to fall in line but does not cry itself hoarse. 
#Kajol #Netflix @NetflixIndia @ajaydevgn @SidMalhotra
Read @itsKajolD & @renukash Exclusive Interview with @eshita_bhargava

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#Netflix Top Ten Shows And Movies In India This Monday

1. #TheWhiteTiger
2. #FateTheWinxSaga
3. #Tribhanga
4. #OutsideTheWire
5. #Bridgerton
6. #Sir
7. #Lupin
8. #Friends
9. #BlingEmpire
10. #JurassicPark #CampCretaceous

@NetflixIndia @netflix

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From new releases like #Tribhanga to older ones that are still going strong like #Tandav, here’s a list of the most-viewed shows and movies from the Indian streaming space of last week

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Watched #Tribhanga on Netflix and I thought it was a solid, well made movie. Don't go by the reviews, because all reviewers are crazy. This is indeed a good movie.

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watched #tribhanga it’s a good film but there are so many plot holes man. I know what they were trying to do but my question is, did they really accomplish it? they had an opportunity to make this a great film but in the end they went bollywood 😔

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From new releases like #Tribhanga to older ones that are still going strong like #Tandav, here’s a list of the most-viewed shows and movies from the Indian streaming space of last week

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Finall watched #tribhanga on @NetflixIndia! @renukash, I loved the complexity, ambition and choice that you've brought out in the 3 very different women. My 'aha' moment was finding out why Masha chose what she chose!

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Why @itsKajolD and @renukash are not too bothered about the criticism coming their way post the release of #Tribhanga on @NetflixIndia

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#Tribhanga: Excellent one👌🏻 @itsKajolD amazingggggg ❤️❤️ she just nailed it! Must watch!

Available in netflix - all languages!

Watch it in hindi with sub for best experience..

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Watched #WhiteTiger on Saturday. Loved the movie. Wanted to watch #Sir, #Tribhanga, or #Tandav yesterday. The friend I watch movies/shows with was not up for another serious stint on Sunday. Wanted to watch #CoolieNo1 instead. We settled for #DoctorWho.

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Saw #Tribhanga movie last night. Overall a good watch. @itsKajolD @tanviazmi and @mipalkar were too good 😍👌🏻 @NetflixIndia

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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Kajol in a role where she can really shine. #tribhanga is just that. I hope we get to see Kajol in more films that feature complex characters going forward

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Watching #tribhanga...Kajol is dropping f-bombs all over the place and I am here for it

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Finally watched #Tribhanga on Netflix. Its a story of mothers, story of daughters. The way Kajol's anger from first half transforms to love in the second half is delightful to watch.

For me movie was heart touching and emotional.


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Why so much overacting in #Tribhanga? And all that swearing as if she were a kid who just discovered the ability to swear?

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@itsKajolD Just finished watching #Tribhanga Outstanding. Sincerely hope it gets all the love and recognition it deserves. 3 generations of women with such different experiences and lessons to teach. Resentment, regret, acceptance, forgiveness and reflection...

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Watched movie #Tribhanga ..amazing script 👌@renukash @itsKajolD

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Are bell bottoms back? Now watching #Tribhanga

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@quizzicalguy @PritishNandy Frankly the Indian movies on OTT are so mundane and badly made.
No content /storyline and shoddy editing and direction. Making movies in gray or blue doesn't add to the glory. We are going from bad to poor

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#tribhanga @renukash @NetflixIndia beautiful narration and powerful performances by @itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi Women standing for women, being resilient in the face of any adversary, being outspoken, uncanny and living lives on one's terms. Can't take my eyes off @itsKajolD

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@renukash #Tribhanga is a master piece. The dysfunctional relationship of a mother daughter so well shown and narrated. The writing and direction with supreme acting as always by @itsKajolD and other leading actors is worth the appreciation. Good job Renukaji 👍😊🤟 #sundayvibes

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If Kajol was ever to do a virtual convention would you want to meet her ??? it could be possible if there’s a lot of people asking for her so please vote 😔

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