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Reading @jk_rowling 's #TheIckabog and despise Flapoon and Spittleworth as much as I detested Dolores Umbridge. 😡

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...and today we wrote letters to King Fred suggesting alternative ways of keeping Cornucopia safe from #TheIckabog ✉️

#WhatITaughtToday @TheIckabog

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🐲 We are reading #TheIckabog by @jk_rowling

📝 Yesterday we imagined we were the conscientious Lady Eslanda and wrote diary entries explaining our concerns for Captain Goodfellow...

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What a fantastic start to the morning! Ayesha and Hamida have really inspired me with their enthusiasm towards the fantastic books that they are currently reading.... take a look! #reading #ks2 #readingsuperstars #aroundtheworldin80days #TheIckabog

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Discover a brilliantly original fairy tale about the power of hope and friendship to triumph against all odds, from one of the world's best storytellers.

#TheIckabog by J.K. Rowling is out now:

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Readingmate Recommends - Our favourite books and the reasons why ❤️

This week we have The Ickabog by the legendary J.K. Rowling. 🧙‍♀️

#theickabog #childrensbooks #jkrowling #thebookshopthatgivesback #readingmate

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Top story: @MrsGoffinSJA: ' #ShareYourBook I’m reading #TheIckabog by @jk_rowling and after just 2-3 short chapters I was hooked! JK was my favourite childhood author so was nervous picking this up. Relieved to say it is… , see more

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#TheIckabog i need this, thanks author rowling 📚

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#TheIckabog 11月10日に購入できるようになります。私の使用料は、Covid-19の影響を最も受けた人々を支援する医療および最前線の慈善団体に寄付されます。 2/2


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#ShareYourBook I’m reading #TheIckabog by @jk_rowling and after just 2-3 short chapters I was hooked! JK was my favourite childhood author so was nervous picking this up. Relieved to say it is a great read and intriguing! What are you reading Y5? @ScarthoJ @MrsRichardson3R

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The other day a small painting by Hergé was sold for rather a lot of money. But maybe he was pondering what #TheIckabog looked like. I had to redraw the picture though as I felt his dragon was a bit too Chinese for the imaginary Ickabog of folks minds.


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@jk_rowling Hello! I was wondering if you could please share an image of the map of Cornucopia 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #TheIckabog #cornucopia #map

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Thank you so much, fam. ❤🙈😭💜

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Finished #TheIckabog last night. Anyone else read it? Or have your kids read it? What did you think?

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Finally getting round to reading this beautiful book gifted by an ex student of mine! Can’t wait! #TeachersWhoRead @jk_rowling @TheIckabog #theickabog #reading #fiction

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@jk_rowling autorise de nouveau la lecture de #HarryPotter par les professeurs qui le souhaitent durant le confinement !
+ d’infos :

#JKRowling #confinement #ecoles #TheIckabog #wizardingworld

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Reading #TheIckabog
King Fred = Boris Johnson
Spittleworth = Dominic Cummings
Flapoon = Gove

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We are loving @TheIckabog @jk_rowling could you read a later chapter pleeeaaase? We are on 39 already 😀 Thank you for helping us read together as a family x

#theickabog #brilliantbooks

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Looking back now at JK Rowling's Twitter activity in 2020, what we described in the attached tweet from September seems to have been accurate: #JKR #TheIckabog

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Tanto talento en mi 🇵🇦 lo que necesitamos es más espacios para estimularlo, pero mientras tanto están las mamás para alentar los sueños. ¡Felicidades a Tomás! @jk_rowling #TheIckabog

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Como miembro de la familia Potter y de la @OrdenPhoenixPTY, estoy orgulloso que un niño panameño haya ganado el concurso de arte para el libro de la autora británica JK Rowling. ¡Felicidades Tomás!👏🇵🇦🇬🇧
#CreativityIsGREAT #TheAmbassadorWhoLived @TReporta

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I loved reading the Afrikaans version of J.K. Rowling's #TheIckabog There are layers of depth to this fairy tale! #LouiseBoeke #EkLeesLAPA @LAPAUitgewers

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Is @jk_rowling's @TheIckabog really a metaphor about #Brexit, or is that only me 🤔?!

♦️ #TheIckabog = The idea of community
♦️ King Fred = Cameron/May
♦️ Lord Flapoon = Farage
♦️ Lord Spittelworth = BoJo
♦️ The Beamishs/Dovetails = Divided friends
♦️ Daisy = Reason

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We’ve got a special surprise for you… Listen to an international medley of The Song of #TheIckabog performed by our talented audiobook narrators:

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I am still drawing stuff but its all getting a bit random and I have a little project I'm working on

Here is one of those random pics I finished yesterday.

@jk_rowling I think you should try and sneak back onto twitter after all I haven't mentioned #TheIckabog in ages


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Everytime I read something from @jk_rowling my life is forever changed. #TheIckabog

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And this week is gonna be Amazing with #TheIckabog

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So...was anyone else completely shocked by #TheIckabog or is it just me? It’s so rambling, disconnected, and the world is so poorly described. It’s filled with murder and conspiracy, but marketed as a children’s book...👎

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Tickabogs Clock Shop by Samson #TheIckabog #JKRowling

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Our statues of Nobby Buttons @jk_rowling #TheIckabog

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From J.K. Rowling comes an original fairy tale adventure to entertain the whole family.

Meet #TheIckabog now:

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Perhaps ideas can spread like pollen in the breeze. #TheIckabog @jk_rowling

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I'm Daisy Dovetail, and my father's still alive. #TheIckabog @jk_rowling

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#jkrowling #theickabog #bookstagram #livraddict Ne vous laissez plus manipuler, lisez ce livre pour comprendre...

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let’s see if i can stick with 1 book a month.
1. The Duke and I

Next up: #TheIckabog

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The Ickabog is published today, complete with STUNNING pictures created by young illustrators around the world! I’m donating my royalties to my charitable Trust, Volant, to help medical and frontline charities support vulnerable groups impacted by Covid-19.

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#TheIckabog will be available to buy on November 10. My royalties will be donated to medical and frontline charities supporting those worst affected by Covid-19. 2/2

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It's clear now that JK Rowling only returned to Twitter this year to actively promote her disgusting transphobia, and to solicit free artwork from children for her new book, #TheIckabog. She barely paused for #BlackLivesMatter and denigrated trans people for #PrideMonth2020. #JKR

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