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Thank you @DanaiGurira for getting #TWD past/present casts together & the TWD king himself your TV husband #RickGrimes #AndrewLincoln for a great cause in a fun way, never backing down about your political beliefs & the importance of voting #MichonneGrimes #Richonne #TWDreunion

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#TheWalkingDead #TWD #TWDFamily #twdiet #twdbrasil #amctwd #twdreunion #WalkingDead #Walkers #thewalkingdeadbr @TheWalkingDead

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Please RT! I’m only 30 away from my goal!!! 🥰🥰🥰 #youtube #TWD #TWDFamily #twdreunion @mcbridemelissa⁩ ⁦@wwwbigbaldhead⁩ ⁦@Carly67

Will you help me reach my 2020 goal of 500 subs? Please?🥰

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@NegansMiz They should have done similar to #TWDReunion christmas special but with a few selection of Saviors we all grown to love like brothers and sisters. Do exclusively just for #TeamNegan ❗Jeff and Hilarie could host with since there Negsn and Lucille now. 🎄🎄❤

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I profiled @Variety coverboy #StevenYeun, whose career path following The Walking Dead is marked by subtle, powerful turns into the unknown. I mean, "Burning"?? The upcoming #Minari is his best to date, and could see him make Oscar history.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan really should have won some type of award for Negan. What a character. Believing that's really him is easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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Inside this week's Variety cover story: Steven Yeun on the honesty of #Minari and his eclectic career

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Thank you to everyone who joined #TWDReunion yesterday to raise much needed funds for @ReverendWarnock and @Ossoff in GA!! Your job is not done- make a plan to vote and connect with your friends and family to make sure they also have a plan. GA you can do this!🍑

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Re-watching the #TWDReunion Happy Monday!

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Je regarde la #TWDReunion, ils me font trop rire 😂

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Vous pouvez retrouver le début qui manque dans cette vidéo : #TWDReunion

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Andrew à la #TWDReunion : "J'aime le lien que nous avons avec la terre, avec l'endroit, avec les gens. Arthur - mon fils de 10 ans - ne me laissera pas prendre un emploi à moins que ce ne soit en Géorgie maintenant (Rires). +

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Ça lui manque, il me dit "Ramène-moi là-bas!" Je suis rentré à la maison pour les enfants, et maintenant ils en ont marre de moi, j'aurais aimé ne jamais partir. C'était une décision terrible (rires)." #TWDReunion

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العائله الاجمل❤️❤️ #TWDReunion

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I can’t believe I got to hear Andy Lincoln say “Carl” in Rick’s accent today. What a fucking gift 💖 #TWDReunion #twd #TWDFamily

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Congrats Norman on winning the #TWDReunion Trivia Battle #TWD #TWDFamily

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This was an awesome reunion! @TWD_ES cast cracks me up. These are the kind of people I want to do game night with. They should do family feud 😉 #TWD #TWDReunion

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😩😭😩😭 so I donated the dollars but definitely missed the part about it only be a live stream thing not like #StarTrek or #spn where you could go back and watch. I had to work 😠. Put my $$$$ to good use and catch y’all next time!! 💗 #TWDReunion #TWD

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Thank you for sharing!!

Voici un thread de vidéos de la #TWDReunion pour les intéressé(e)s :

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That quiz really need some reasonable authority don't you think @JDMorgan ? 😂😂 Thanks for the evening! it was a fucking hoot with a very questionable quiz but still a hoot no less. You are still a winner for us ❤ #TWDReunion

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#TWDReunion Trivia Thread!

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@JDMorgan just speaking the truth during this entire quiz! 😂😂 #TWDReunion

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@JDMorgan @YNB Really need @ynb and @JDMorgan to do a podcast together. #twdreunion

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Please tell me somebody recorded #TWDReunion so I can rewatch it again. I missed the first 20 mins 😭

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Seeing Andy and Danai on my screen again, and laughing from their hearts, made the frustration of getting on the call in the beginning100000% worth it #TWD #TWDReunion

thank you so much @DanaiGurira for this gift and the way to support the cause #TWDFamily

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OMG the #TWDReunion made my Sunday! Thank you @DanaiGurira #AndrewLincoln @wwwbigbaldhead @JDMorgan @SonequaMG @YNB @RealLennieJames @LaurenCohan @kharypayton #PollyannaMcIntosh #ChristianSerratos #VoteBlueGeorgia

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mais uma vez, o elenco trouxe muita diversão e risadas para todos nós, isso foi maravilhoso #TWDReunion

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“How is everyone on the board when it was two fucking questions” -@JDMorgan lmfao!!! #twd

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We are about to go live! Don't miss this!

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EARLY VOTING is open in select counties across Georgia today! Check your county’s hours and locations at . Early voting continues in all counties tomorrow. Encourage friends and family to vote before the holidays become too busy. #gapol #gasen

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