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What does a guy gotta do to score a podcast interview with @stoolpresidente while he’s in Detroit? I’ll bring pizza if that helps my case. #ShootersShoot

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Keep being great Whit! #ShootersShoot 🏹

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You either work or get OUT worked💪🏻 Never settle where your at but work to get better 💪🏻

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Granny Fanny Birthday shoutout to the one and only @raf_tyler - unlimited ceiling on and off the court. Great kid, elite potential. 🏀🏆 #basketball #NBA #HeatTwitter #shootersshoot

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Wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jr. Adriane Morse!! Here's a throwback to last year after she dropped a new career high!! #ShootersShoot

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You mean the guy that just won the game? #shootersshoot

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Congratulations to @delanirobinson on her two school records tonight and to her teammates for helping her get them. #shootersshoot @FlyerFlightCrew

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Dangerously close to naming names of guys that need to stop shooting 3s

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It was so much fun to chat with Coach Dall. Talking to him about his teams at AGWSR and the things my Dad used to say to him when he was volunteering under him.

We also cleared the air about him leaving AGWSR, which I have since forgiven him for!

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Our guest this week on the podcast is Bruce Dall! Bruce is a half of fame coach with 450 wins at 4 different high schools here in Iowa. He has a state championship at AGWSR, multiple state appearances and conference titles.

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Best shooter that the game have already seen. #shootersshoot #NBA 

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@Flight23White Warriors whooped they ass in a game they was supposed to lose. Stephen Curry is that man hands down. #Shootersshoot

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I think this is my shot!


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@_Leslyyee It’s the thumbs up for me 😂 #shootersshoot

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@kelwright #ShootersShoot but respect the effort. Played his tail off on defense. Love this team

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DM’n DJs like ion know no better. #ShootersShoot

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Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck have called it quits after nearly a year together.


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@haleysport24 YES KID!! So proud of you!! #shootersshoot 😉🤩🏀🙌🏼

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Welcome to our program @haleysport24 of Ridgeline HS! Haley’s a dynamic player (18.6 pts, 2.5 asst, 1.33 stls per game). She’s closing in on 1,000 career points and is looking to lead her team to a third consecutive region championship. Welcome Haley! @NatWillBBall

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Where you going bud? #PS5Share, #CallofDuty®ModernWarfare® #itstight #shootersShoot

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How about Jessica Moore and Keira Rogers combining to shoot 7-10 from downtown in their 2 games this weekend! #ShootersShoot

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Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Keira getting some love! #KnockDownShooter #ChargersBasketball

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Shooters Grill, where the @FBI knows your name

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@YoJaffe @WatchTheBreaks Bryant and Trout $100 with free shipping ❤️😂🤷‍♀️ #ShootersShoot

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What’s even more impressive is the fact that our guys shot 52% from 3 this game!! #shootersshoot

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#behindthescenes #thebillygreenphotography #offcameraflash #godox #sonyalpha #working #sundays #fundays #oklahomaphotographer #shootersshoot📸 #gen83studios

@ Oklahoma

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Run writeups from yesterday @DariusDuff @beastmoore10 @Noard_Cooper @GabeMadej @TGlove1619 @dannymulcare_ @daniielhong @dominictrelenb1 @DavisAdidas @garrettbolte @alexengro @4Ryansam @McewenKelton @justin_starks33

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I'm excited to share that we’ve started a collaboration between @GaloMethod and @BYU. @zachattackary21 and his students are investigating shooting trends in the game to understand and strategize ways we can evolve with the game. More details to come! #ShootersShoot

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@ChiHoopsExpress @lily_courier Held that follow through with no doubt about it going in! #ShootersShoot

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Curry will literally OBLITERATE this record when it's all said and done #GreatestShooterEver #ShootersShoot

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@AddisonPadgett_ My shooter @AddisonPadgett_ 💯🔥🏀 doing what she does playing team basketball and shooting that thing @AnnandaleGBB #ShootersShoot

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FINAL: Bluffton 101, Cory-Rawson 46. Bluffton (5-7) ties the STATE record for made 3-pointers in a game with 25. Trenton Donley breaks the school record with 9 of his own, leading all scorers with 31.

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@gifftedd You know why I said that. #Cash #Shootersshoot

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Regained my goalscoring touch today with a brace. Took me a while to find the target but I found it eventually. #shootersshoot

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Ready. Aim. Fire.
27 for 2023 @winmiller04 in the 7A thriller from the Magic City, as 2nd ranked @1rebelboyshoops beat 3rd ranked @SPHSBoysBskball 64-63. We can’t wait for round 2! The Hills are now 20-2!

#ShootersShoot #BeDifferent #P1 #BeOne #ProOne #UARISE

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Thank you to my teammates and coaches @OLHS_GBK for making last night possible! And thank you to everyone who has congratulated me about the game! @270GirlsHoops @ThisWeekSports @OGBSP @OGBR_Basketball @Delgazette_Ben

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2 assists and 1 noodle celebration!
We definitely won the day lol 🏀

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Hey @barstoolphilly if Ben Simmons needs any lessons, Tacko can help him out 🌮 #shootersshoot @tackofall99

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Another hoops Saturday. Another win. Awesome job @JakeJoiner8! @MsCoachJennifer 🏀 #shootersshoot

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Mo’buckets for @NA_LadyEagles designated sniper, Daja Taylor, aka @Darrell23368651 #WinnerStays #shootersShoot #H2Lowco

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Had 29 point in a tough win for 1st in the region

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My hype crew >

My shot > @chyytown_ @k3ndylcars0n @janenwaba @isa_baller_ @malia_bambrick @MoAndriuolo @The_Twinzz_ @hay_duren @cydrivera2 shots 😜😜

#RivalryWeek || @WavesHoops

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