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@ChrisEvans @mayawiley #MayaForMayor 1000% AGREE..Chris..
Be bless and stay safe..

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I couldn’t say it any better myself. #MayaForMayor

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109 men have been mayor of New York. Maya Wiley says it’s time to elect a Black woman.

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I can’t vote in NYC, but just know that I am going to do all I can from DC to get @mayawiley elected! #BlackWomenLead #MayaForMayor

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He's going to make me like Captain America isn't he? Damn him for that. But I guess it's a small price to pay if he's going to support @mayawiley


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Y’all I ❤️ @ChrisEvans too! He’s smart. He’s talented. He cares about civic ed...and yes... he’s ALL THAT! Now. Show a sista some love & let’s transform NYC! You can give $ 👉🏽

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#MayaForMayor #mayawiley

I named her after you Ms. Wiley!

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I totally agree and support. All the best to Maya Wiley 👍👍 #MayaForMayor

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NYC needs a strong leader like @mayawiley!!


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@JugbaSanti @AlisonHirsh @MittyOwens @t_milaa
LOVE to see it💪🏽🙏🏽😈 #TeamMaya #MayaforMayor

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@ChrisEvans @mayawiley Maya Wiley is going to be a great mayor for NYC. She was one of my favorites when she was an MSNBC contributor. #MayaForMayor

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@ChrisEvans @mayawiley If I lived back in NY, you, @mayawiley would definitely have my vote! Vote #MayaForMayor

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Our country needs strong leadership in every corner and I'm proud to support #MayaForMayor.

Not only would @mayawiley be the first female mayor of New York, she'd be an incredible one.

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🎶 And I got all my sistas with me 🎶 #BlackWomenForMaya #MayaForMayor

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@ThePerezHilton We love you @mayawiley ... NYC is lucky to have you! #MayaForMayor

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@Rosie @mayawiley #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor #MayaForMayor

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NYC is choosing its next Mayor this year, and I hope voters consider @mayawiley. So I did a portrait.

She’s going to need resources to compete and I hope you’ll consider helping out.

And FOLLOW along to help fundraise with art.

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If I were a New Yorker, I would find this disrespectful and add it as another reason not to want this guy as my mayor. #MayaForMayor

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I love seeing those who fight for the rights of everyday people decide to run for office – outside perspectives are crucial. Learn more about @MayaWiley and #MayaForMayor by watching the video below.

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If you live in NYC
I'm talking to you in
The Bronx &
Staten Island
You are sick and tired of the lack of leadership
You have someone who will bring needed change to NYC
Spread the word
Donate if you can (no amount too small)

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Love seeing @PaulaEdgar in this powerful pice!

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I’m 1000% behind this👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Black women keep saving us from ourselves, let's show our gratitude by actively supporting them! I’m excited about @mayawiley and her #MayaforMayor campaign.

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Wow. He knows even less about basketball...

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I know the LAST thing on most folks’ minds right now is another election, but the NYC mayoral race is coming up soon. I hope you’ll check out #MayaforMayor, and I’ll let the women below explain why:

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That's right, Black women get it done! Time for #MayaForMayor, New Yorkers!! #nyc @mayawiley 🇺🇸

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NYC need strong community activists and fighters like my friend @MayaWiley in office! #MayaForMayor is just starting up and she needs your support.

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Honored to have the support of these powerhouse Black women. Because they get it done. Because Black women get it done.

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I'm on the move, and I'm running to be the next Mayor of New York City. Join me >>

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