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"Kaagaz", one of the well written and well directed movies by @satishkaushik2 off late. What a movie, a good blend of Comedy and emotional scenes! Clearly depicts the problem with Indian bureaucracy! Again, @TripathiiPankaj at his best 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #MovieReview #Bollywood #Kaagaz

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Clerical frauds fuelled by greedy families and the loop-like structure of the bureaucracy, in which if one gets tied up, then they have to spend their entire life untangling themselves.
But declaring someone legally dead is not so easy, let’s see.
#Kaagaz #CommonMan

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#Kaagaz is such a brilliant piece of cinema which makes you ask probing questions to the state of our system and to the plight of a common man.
Also, only @TripathiiPankaj could've done justice to the role of Bharat Lal. I become a fan every single time I watch him on screen.

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@KaagazS @EduMinOfIndia
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@IITKanpur's alumni developed an indigenous app named #Kaagaz for scanning documents & images. We are contributing to the country & the world through various innovations.Kaagaz app is also such kind of contribution. India's youth is full of inspiration.More power to @IITKanpur

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This is what called success makes a noice and still our #monal has not proud of anything she achieved this shows what she is proud of you mam 🙌 #monalgajjar #kaagaz

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कहानी में दम हो तो कोई रोक नहीं सकता
ये हैं ओटीटी की टॉप 10 परफॉर्मर फिल्में

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Ram Avatar Yadav, an 80 year old man was declared dead by his family and was denied the possession of his own land.
Watch his interview to know how he is fighting to stay ‘alive’ :
#Kaagaz #CommonMan #MritakSangh

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Congratulations Team #kaagaz👏🏻👏🏻
At the end of its tracking period, @zee5premium ’s Kaagaz is at no. 4 on the all-time list of most-liked Indian direct-to-OTT films 👏🏻👏🏻

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@Gajjarmonal , #kaagaz at no.4 on all time list of most liked indian films on OTT platforms 🔥 ,this movie truly deserves this 🙌
#monal #monalgajjar

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#kaagaz deserve this success 😻❤️💯
@Gajjarmonal 💯❤️🔥

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Congratulations Team #kaagaz👏🏻👏🏻
At the end of its tracking period, @ZEE5Premium’s KAAGAZ is at no. 4 on the all-time list of most-liked Indian direct-to-OTT films 👏🏻👏🏻

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Kaagaz on top 4 in OTT platform
Love you all monalians 🔥💯❤️
@satishkaushik2 @KaagazFilm @SKFilmsOfficial

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@Gajjarmonal happy for you that your film #kaagaz at no.4 among all time most liked indian films, super proud #monal #monalgajjar #BiggBossTelugu4

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@monal_fan_here Congrats @Gajjarmonal waiting for your upcoming projects in bollywood ,just recently watch your movie #kaagaz the way you lived in your character 💯
#BiggBossTelugu4 #monal

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#Monalgajjar #kaagaz at no.4 among most liked indian films on OTT platforms 🔥 #monal

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You will definitely get a job if you have #Kaagaz

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Jamuna, a 65 year old man found out that his brothers had struck his name off the family register and therefore, he was declared ‘dead’ on papers.
Read about how he is fighting to stay ‘alive’ :
#Kaagaz #CommonMan #MritakSangh

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Voice of the youth of the country is saying #modi_job_do #modi_rozgar_do

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Bhagwani Devi, a 70-year-old widow had no idea about how and when she was declared dead
Watch her interview to know how she is fighting to stay ‘alive’ :
#Kaagaz #CommonMan #MritakSangh

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At the end of its tracking period, @ZEE5India's #KAAGAZ is at no.4 on tha all time list of most-liked indian direct-to-OTT films which was produced by @BeingSalmanKhan ❤️🔥 .

#SalmanKhan #PankajTripathi #SatishKaushik #ZEE

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Congratulations to @Nishantkaushikk my nephew who in couple of years produced films like School Chalega, Distant Teardrop ,Chhoriyan Chhoron Se Kam Nahi Hoti, Mann Udhaan Vara and recently #Kaagaz . Keep going Nishant with ur hard work and dedication towards movie making . 👏👏

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Meet the ‘real dead’ from the movie Kaagaz :
#Kaagaz #commonman #mritaksangh

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The existence of Lal Bihari ‘Mritak’ was questioned because he had been declared dead on papers. After learning that at least 100 others were declared dead, he opened Mritak Sangh, Uttar Pradesh Association of Dead People.
#Kaagaz #commonman #mritaksangh

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#Kaagaz dikhao aviation special passenger suffering from bad health asked to show a proof, proof is certificate which says that you are unfit to travel till this date not report passenger is looking for a simple reschedule. Slowclaps @airasia @AVA_airasia @HardeepSPuri @MoCA_GoI

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@Sheetal69989677 Hi @Sheetal69989677, we're sorry for any inconvenience we have caused you. Kindly share with us the booking details via direct message (DM) so we could assist you accordingly. Thank you for your patience. -Esther

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The movie Kaagaz talked about a common man’s 18-year-long fight against bureaucracy and corruption to prove that he is alive.Thousands of people have been declared dead in India,despite the fact that they are alive.
Experience the agony of the
‘living dead’
#Kaagaz #commonman

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@DeepikaBhardwaj @ZeeNews @shekharsuman7 @AdhyayanSsuman Shameful

Recently watched
#Kaagaz movie of @TripathiiPankaj
Same issue. ....

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There are many ‘dead’ in India who are fighting to stay alive
Stick around to know about the agony of the ‘living dead’
The story starts from tomorrow!
#Kaagaz #commonman

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With @Manish_masoom @nehafolksinger @_MayankSaxena #DevashishMakhija #DrBrajMohanMishra #Phoolsunghi #Batohiya #Bhojpuri #ChintuKaBirthday #eeballayooo #Kaagaz #BambaiMainKaBa #earshot #Sarnami #Girmitiya

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@satishkaushik2 @satishkaushik2 M a big fan of ur acting n now this #Kaagaz Wrk. Excited to watch more grt wrks frm u.

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@satishkaushik2 sir , just watched #Kaagaz movie. Must say, you have made such a beautiful and simple movie which is based on real facts. Thanks for bringing up this story. @TripathiiPankaj ji is outstanding 👌🏻👌🏻

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@satishkaushik2 ji your work is superb. U hv connected the reality to reel. Hats of to u fr #Kaagaz

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@Ansar49892852 @zoo_bear My sympathies to those people.

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Pankaj Tripathi's impeccable comedy timing and Monal's natural acting added so much of charm to the film #Kaagaz. Although there are some flaws, it's still worth the watch for its unique storyline. My personal rating would be 3.5/5 #MonalGajjar #monal @Gajjarmonal

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Mic band karlo, Bharat Lal has enough problems!
#Kaagaz Streaming Now!

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Thousands of ‘dead’ in India are fighting to stay alive

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Ek ladki ko dhekha tho aisa laga .. jaise khiltha gulaab jaise.. shayar ka kwaab.. jaise mandir main hooo ek jaltaaa diyaaa ❤️✨👑 @Gajjarmonal

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