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Woah, wait a second... no Khristian Lander??!! #IUBB

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Welp this tweet aged well. We’re watching you, @ZagMBB 👀 #iubb @IndianaMBB

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Michigan rises to #1 after 73-57 victory over Indiana. Indiana slides from #27 to #28. #GoBlue #IUBB

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Beyond the arc: 3 takeaways from IU’s loss to Michigan #iubb | Sports |

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Indiana's game vs Purdue on Saturday will be a 2 pm ET tip on ESPN/ESPN2. #iubb

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@clubtrillion @tatefrazier for the duffys - #iubb most consistently inconsistent program in college basketball

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@IUBarstool #iubb that or consistently inconsistent

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Didn’t watch the IU game yesterday because I knew the outcome. Instead cleaned out my car and the garage. This was much more rewarding than anything #iubb has given me lately

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Eight Things We're Excited About in College Basketball This March - (SI) #iubb

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*gets destroyed at home* #iubb

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@tombrewsports @B1GMBBall @BaylorMBB Totally agree with that, and that’s why I’m not sure why he would leave for a place with more pressure and a more difficult conference gauntlet...unless he just wants to coach at IU as a native Hoosier which I would totally get as crazy #iubb fan myself

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Why can’t college basketball be like pro sports where we trade our coach to another school, retain some of his salary, and replace him? Actually, there’s nothing stopping Scott Dolson from doing that. Just saying. #iubb

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I’m just worried that some other school is gonna poach Archie from us just as he’s about to turn the corner.

That would really suck. Don’t any of you other schools dare do it.

#EverySchholLookingForABasketballCoach #iubb

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You have to give Archie credit - he is fantastic at identifying and talking about the reasons why #iubb loses, immediately following each game. Which implies he knew it during the game but was unable to get his team to do anything about it. Aka, the coach didn’t do his job.

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It’s not fiscally responsible for Indiana to terminate Archie Miller’s contract. It is a great year-long PSA to all the college kids about what happens when you make foolish decisions and don’t spend wisely. #iubb

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Insider from yesterday on a quiet defeat, a season that's never truly gotten off the ground and a program struggling, once again, to find its footing: via @indystar #iubb

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Indiana's Al Durham reached the 1,000-point plateau on Saturday, just the 53rd Hoosier all-time to hit that mark. Here's the list of all 53, with points scored and the years they played. You'll smile a lot at the memories. #iubb @IndianaMBB @IndianaUniv

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@tombrewsports @B1GMBBall @BaylorMBB I just don’t see why he would leave Baylor or why he would be at the top of #iubb’s list. The article also says that it’s harder to win at Baylor than IU, which I think is just objectively wrong based on how dominate the Big Ten is

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The local SI guy comes at Archie- Then the National one doubles down and even names the replacement. Things are just fine Btown- 🤦‍♂️ #iubb

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Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde thinks when Indiana moves on from Archie Miller that Hoosier native Scott Drew, who's done great things at Baylor, should be hired to replace him. #iubb @B1GMBBall @BaylorMBB

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I love #iubb but all good my IU friends are feeling the same apathy as me. I’m tired of being the “Nebraska Football of college basketball” but the analogy is solid. And it’s going to be worse when the whole NCCA tourney is in our state but we’re we watching at home.

Rant over.

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Pete’s Hot Takes to Fix IU bball #iubb

1. New coach. Need a proven winner AND someone who understands promoting and growing a brand. Not just a “return to what was” guy but transitioning the brand for a younger fanbase. Make it cool for kids to like IU, not just the old fans.

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Just checking. Did Scott Dolson give Archie a 7-year contract extension while I was sleeping? #iubb

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IU basketball: Michigan at Indiana -- The report card #iubb via @daily_hoosier

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Mich, OSU, Ill vying for 1 and 2 seeds in years 3-4 for their coaches. Tis what #iubb expected w Archie instead the worst B1G stretch in >100 years, cont arrogance & entitlement from the CEO of iubb, & ZERO hope his change. Y’all thought Crean was bad... #ByeFelARCHIE

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“Al is a guy that, 10-15 years from now, I wouldn’t be surprised whatever field he’s in, how successful he’s going to be”

A look back at @aldurham01’s journey from No. 230 recruit to 1,000 point scorer: #iubb

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My All-American Team as we near the end of the regular season:

- Luka Garza
- Ayo Dosunmu
- Jared Butler
- Corey Kispert
- Cade Cunningham

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Is the window still broken? I have some #iubb gear I’d like to drop off.

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And so it begins... #IUBB

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.⁦@ESPNLunardi⁩ now has ⁦@umichbball⁩ as The No. 2 overall seed ahead of No. 3 ⁦@BaylorMBB

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6-Banner Sunday: Indiana clinches losing Big Ten record with losses to Rutgers and Michigan #iubb

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Hi. Good morning. It’s Sunday, and there are still #iubb fans out there advocating replacing Archie with people who’ve either failed miserably as a head coach or who’ve never coached at all. You can’t make it up!

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#3 Michigan continues to roll with 73-57 win at Indiana.
@umichbball #GoBlue @IndianaMBB #iubb

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@aldurham01 Hoosier Nation loves you!!! Thanks for all the memories!! Go Hoosiers #IUBB

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@jakequery Those are top tier programs. #IUBB hasn’t been that for a very long time. They are worried about the money side of it.

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#iubb last night:

🏀 @dj_white3 (@TofasSporKulubu🇹🇷): 14 pts, 2 rebs, 2 asts

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Hoosier Morning After Michigan going live at 7:15a. Thank you to AL. #iubb #HoosierNation

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At this point in this sad season I am living for Gonzaga and Baylor to get beat so the 76 Hoosiers remain the last undefeated team in NCAA history #HoosierNation #iubb @IndianaMBB

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Column: Four seasons in, Archie Miller hasn't delivered on his vision for rebuilding Indiana. If IU can afford to make a change, the target for the next coaching search is obvious

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I had 2 Pacers tickets in my car and someone broke in and left 3 more smh. Stay safe everybody

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Trayce Jackson-Davis tries to put into words why IU struggled to respond as Rutgers surged Wednesday, before saying: "I don't even know how to answer it honestly. Just know that it won't happen again. That's basically all you need to know." #iubb

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