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Oq foi esse capítulo do roubo na faca sutil? O surto aaaaa

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ICYMI These adaptations of #HisDarkMaterials are today’s #DailyDeal!

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Essa cena é absolutamente tudo para mim 😍🙌 #hisdarkmaterials

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Thoroughly enjoyed the 1st season of #hisdarkmaterials

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La felicidad se resume en esto!!! 😍😍😍 #hisdarkmaterials @DarkMaterialsTV @darkmaterials The reading begins

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A little of the Parsby ship from His Dark Materials for Thursday! #hisdarkmaterials #hdm #parsby #leescoresby #johnparry

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Ando com a cabeça tão cheia que só descobri agora que já estreou a segunda temporada de #hisdarkmaterials, agora vou perder minha vida nessa poha !!!!!


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oh, Lyra, you sweet summer child 😬 #HisDarkMaterials

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Me encantan estas referencias en #HisDarkMaterials ✨💭

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She wanted minions, I wanted HDM. Mummy won that fight, she forgot about minions rather quickly when Mrs. C came on the telly #parentingwin #hisdarkmaterials @darkmaterials

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Summary of the BBC's adaptation of The Subtle Knife #hisdarkmaterials by @shinyperson : "they've been on the telly now for six weeks, HOW have none of them needed a poop?

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@Vegalteno @BernieSanders Do you remember when he summoned Lee Scoresby in #HisDarkMaterials? That was unexpected.

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Finally finished #hisdarkmaterials and man that show is soooo good. Definitely a @hbomax must watch. Currently listening to the audiobook

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OML Marisa is such a savage

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Why does knowing what happens not make it any easier to watch? 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


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marisa coulter once said “i am a bad bitch and there’s nothing you can do about it!!”

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Weiter geht's mit #hisdarkmaterials

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Ever since HDM series 2 OST dropped, I've been playing "A Mystical Explorer" nonstop. Like it's been on my play queue forever now! It's so beautiful I can't seem to stop. @Lornebalfe @daemonsanddust #HisDarkMaterials #TheSubtleKnife

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I love the witches' dresses on #hisdarkmaterials .

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Don’t keep your score a mystery. How well do you know @HBOMax #HisDarkMaterials?

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Lorne Balfe is an absolute gem. I had missed this score #hisdarkmaterials

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I can’t 😭💔💔💔 is this how it happens in the books too? #hisdarkmaterials

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Are you kidding me?!&&?$ Jopari and Will just met and they kill him too?!?! Right after Lee’s death?!? #hisdarkmaterials

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Finally watching #hisdarkmaterials on HBO and, while Sam Elliott was literally exactly how I pictured Lee Scorsbee while reading the books as a kid, I am absolutely loving Lin Manuel Miranda in the role 🤩

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His Dark Materials 2, la recensione: buono ma non ottimo - #HisDarkMaterials #LamaSottile #Lyra #MarisaCoulter #Oxford #PhilipPullman #QuesteOscureMaterie #Will

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I am once again asking that you are not such fascist fucks.

#hisdarkmaterials #BernieSandersMittens #BernieSits

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Part 2 of my chat with @insidetheedit, thanks again Paddy, really enjoying talking about getting into #editing -
#podcast #editor #dramaeditor #hisdarkmaterials #mrselfridge #thebay #vera #itv #hbo #bbc #channel4 @NCLCollege @FilmNorthumbria @NorthumbriaUni

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This week's show is the concluding part of our talk with the very talented @davidjfisher8. David recently cut the big-budget fantasy drama series, #hisdarkmaterials for @HBO @BBCOne but earned his spurs on many long-running dramas and soaps on UK TV.

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“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.” ― Lloyd Alexander

One of my favorite quotes. I recently finished watching the 2nd season of #HisDarkMaterials. It not only solidified my love for the series, but it proved that this quote is so true.

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مسلسل #HisDarkMaterials مظلوم إعلامياً ولكن ناجح سيناريو متكامل وأداء شخصيات رهيب وكملها السينماتوغرافي، بعيد عن سوء نتفلكس تجدد لموسم ثالث وأخير حتى وهو يقدر يستمر مواسم كثيرة..

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vou deixar isso fixado pra todos que visitarem meu perfil verem

Assista #HisDarkMaterials

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His Dark Materials BBC Radio Plays on Vinyl plus FREE Shipping on All Domestic Orders

#DailyDeal #HisDarkMaterials #Radio #Plays #BBC #Vinyl #Dust #NorthernLights #SubtleKnife #AmberSpyglass #FreeShipping #FreeDomestic #NoStringsAttached #DealoftheDay

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Read this. It's brilliant, as is everything @KathLangrish writes. And it also set clear something that had been nagging at me ever since I first read The Amber Spyglass. In short: a fantastic, compelling story riddled with inconsistencies and non sequiturs. #HisDarkMaterials

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"Espírito e Matéria são um só" #hisdarkmaterials

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Just finished season 2 of #hisdarkmaterials and @Lin_Manuel how dare you sir.

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Ai que satisfação as feiticeiras matando soldados do Magisterium #hisdarkmaterials

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His Dark Materials is better than Harry Potter. Fight me!!
#hisdarkmaterials #HarryPotter

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I argue that the whole of ‘Northern Lights’/’The Golden Compass’ is a prolonged & brilliant effort to make Asriel's bridge between worlds credible; just as Lewis Carroll eases us into Wonderland, so Pullman eases us into believing in what Asriel can do.

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Fate is not always fair.

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