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@KRIS6News How can he use dead fish to clean up canals #FakeNews

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@NzabandoraJust1 @onduhungirehe @bbcgahuza Yes, they pump out #FakeNews faster than you can say Fake!

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@TomDoubting @LadyOfTheOcean1 @Emma34770971 @SlimJimJohn1 @cubancafecito @Silver_Strike @JDW714 @HailCaesar2021 @alshadowdancer @chaos_sinister @Dominique85_86 @Molon_Labe7 @IFDrinkLib @_Kel_Varnsen_ @MuscleBalancing @ReadYouForFree @ziggystardad @ThePartyOfLogic @misshellca @GQPklepto @JackWhoElse @jdd2169 @giddy_bunny @Synyster63 @MamaLouies @Vickie627 @TheOldPoet @JenCages @Fueldog2 @Gitmo2020 @Thumper18560818 @CamyS_2016 @TeekeeMon @Flattielover @mathmomma24 @waywardmegan15 @JanineVorr @sherlin_melissa @lawkid12345 @ThereWasNoStorm @srnaegel @magelarocque @wookietim @QDecoder @ConcernedinPV @PhilDiagnosis @POTUS 100% #FakeNews

Where did the #WuFlu aka #COVID19 come from??? CHINA

Where did the #WuFlu aka #COVID19 spread like crazy??? Our #BlueShit #LiberalFilth DemoRatic RUN and OCCUPIED cities


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@nimeoww FAKE, thats an old add, and its satire, about the question, if covid came realy from china or not...
Teen kpop fanboys cannot understand 🥴🤦‍♂️??

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@PolsatNewsPL Stare sprawy, pytanie czemu #fakenews w końcu zajęły się tą sprawą i sprawą domów starców?

DeSantis i Floryda to prawdziwa i wolna Ameryka. Demokraci niszczą wszystko czego się dotkną.

Orlando ;) #CPAC #CPAC2021
Czekamy na prawdziwego prezydenta Stanów Zjednoczonych #Trump

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Hey corrupt @FBI @USSupremeCourt @SCOTUSblog @TheJusticeDept WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THE RIGGED ELECTION THAT WAS STOLEN FROM @POTUS45 #DonaldTrump #Donald Trump Jr #JoeBiden #BidenBombs #26February #psvaja #SHUTDOWN #DisneyPlus #FakeNews #HANBIN #JISUNG #KMJS #LoveIsland

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@macariomx #FakeNews de la derecha más recalcitrante de México y de la #OposicionMoralmenteDerrotada junto con los Krauz

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365,000 people are watching nothing on RSBN, in anticipation of President Trump.

Pretty impressive considering Joe Biden had 104 people at his inauguration.

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@D66 @geertwilderspvv Wtf wat een zieke fakenews tweet, zwarte rook uit een kerncentrale en nog volop bomen in jullie toekomstbeeld #hahahaha #fakenews #d66 #kansloos #biomassa #klimaatgekte

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It can’t be #fakenews when you don’t like the story. And fake news can’t be considered factual just because it reinforces what you want to believe. Facts are facts and science is science. Period.

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Yeah, this didn't age well.

I'd love to hear from the #CTGOP member accounts who liked & shared this #FakeNews propaganda from Sue Hatfield. How do you feel about this now? Just wondering who to boycott should they ever seek a future in #CTPolitics. 😉👍

#NeverHatfield 🇺🇲🏳️‍🌈✊

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Volgens Klaver gaan we met zonnepanelen, windmolens en de veestapel verkleinen de opwarming van de aarde voorkomen, over #fakenews gesproken

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Dollar General deceived the Zapruder film. #dailyconspiracy #fakenews

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To counter the #FakeNews that @SRuhle & others smeared Sanders with during the primaries about his “nonexistent” legislative record:

Here are 7,463 reasons why hacks like her were wrong & just doing the bidding of the corporations that own them.

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Not a troll account, just a voice for the people #TMRGUK #Fakenews

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@SenSHenderson this is a bullshit lie and dealt with years ago. Stop muck racking and tit for tat. There’s no need to deflect any headlines that are impacting your own party. Have a look in your own backyard. #auspol #CabinetMinister #FakeNews #LiberalCorruption @billshortenmp

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Jim Acosta and that #FakeNews @CNN will never learn that GOP comes with receipts... very, very detailed receipts.

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You get him Matt! #cnn #Acosta #FakeNews

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But the Cochrane review looked at RCT of surrogate measures of CVD risk looking at #vegan diets
The purported #FakeNews is based on epidemiology of plant based diets which is not the same.
It's like trying to compare apples with pears or lard with coconut oil🤦

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Elle n'est pas bloqué par Twitter pour #Fakenews.

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@jazemabo 7)Davant els #arguments i #evidències només respons amb #FakeNews, amb #mentides i amb falses notícies

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Look at @Acosta with his Surgical Mask on trying to virtue signal

GTFO #FakeNews Poser


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@cirogomes Qualquer pessoa informada, sabe que governadores, prefeitos, parlamentares e STF fazem as bobagens, comentem erros crassos e com apoio da grande mídia, tentam colocar a culpa no governo federal, mas essas #FakeNews não colam mais, só enganam idiotas ou mal informados.

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@AliciaAlarcon #FakeNews ese está escondido en su casa como rata agazapada escondiéndose de toda la crítica mediática donde un año después de que se detectó el primer contagio, su peor escenario de 60 mil defunciones se ha cuadriplicado

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@johnrobertsFox @SandraSmithFox @FoxNews whoever Alyssa is, yellow dress, just said trump got 75 Million & #Biden got 78 Million. ??
You have absolutely no shame?
Completely false. #FakeNews #LiesLiesLies #TheBigLie

#JoeBiden 81,268,924
#DonaldTrump 74,216,154

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@Miles_Davis__ Aujourd'hui randonnée en famille. On a rencontré un meute de chiens de chasse. Les chiens très sociables et chasseurs courtois. Rien à voir avec cette caricature.

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No one is more war criminal than you @AmbRice46. If #ICC works accordingly, you should be in jail by now. You are behind #Libya and #Syria crisis. You have blood on your hand. #Eritrea #Ethiopia

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Just in from CNN: "For the first time since early November, there are less than 50,000 people in the United States hospitalized with COVID-19, according to data from The COVID Tracking Project."

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My media statement.

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#vegan DOES NOT improve #CVD!
The latest Cochrane review states no benefit.
Nothing long term and short term results in ⬆️ Triglycerides and ⬇️ HDL. Aren't they the surrogate markers of poorer outcomes?
Keep calling out #vegan propaganda for what it is.

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Les éoliennes, sont-elles écologiques ? @barbarapompili : "Bien sûr que c'est écolo, elles utilisent le vent, une énergie renouvelable."


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