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Do we think the participants in Trump's #CapitolRiot will vote to #ConvictTrump or themselves?

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Months? The sedition lasted just hours and it was in plain sight for the world to see. #GOP #ConvictTrump

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@SenBlumenthal So if congress doesn't #ConvictTrump? They are basically saying. Its okay to go out and kill 5 innocent people ? Is that's what is going on here ? Asking a friend

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#ConvictTrump #ExpelTheSeditionists #EndTheFilibuster #SeditionHasConsequences #NoQuarter
We guarantee that the GOP will go up in flames if you continue to abdicate your duty to the people...you know, those you represent, dickhead! @LeaderMcConnell

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@LeaderMcConnell You sound like a lioness protecting her cubs. RAWR!! #ConvictTrump

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#ConvictTrump #ExpelTheSeditionists #EndTheFilibuster #SeditionHasConsequences #NoQuarter
...nobody gives a flying fuck what lying Lindsey has to say!

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Pls flood every Senators office with calls to convict the Ex-President and current seditionist. It is not ok that 45 Senators are ignoring The Constitution. There must be severe consequences. Call (202) 224-3121. @meiselasb @ProjectLincoln @mmpadellan #ConvictTrump @berkeley9697

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The attempted coup by domestic terrorists and insurrectionists was incited by President Trump — he must be held accountable. @JerryMoran, as your constituent, I urge you to convict Trump. #ImpeachTrump #ConvictTrump

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@SenatorTimScott @RepHuizenga So you are saying to America ? That we could go out and kill 5 innocent people. On live TV. @SenatorTimScott WITH no consequences. Is that what you are telling us? No crimes for killing 5 people. SMH

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@LeaderMcConnell Are you kidding
You let more than 400 bills for the people languish on your desk NEVER brought them to the floor
SC judge Amy Barrett rushed thru closer to an election than Merrill garland
You are not the Majority leader anymore
Your the party of sedition now

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@bjrich_ @SFDukie @BurkhalterEddie “Senator, isn’t it true that President Trump held a gun to the head of your newborn baby?”


“So you’re naturally voting to impeach, yes?”

“Well, no. I can make another baby, but a man like Trump only comes along once in a lifetime...”

The GOP as a whole.


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#InsurrectionHasConsequences & the @gop would have you believe the USA is a country of #LawAndOrder...
Unless you're @SenateGOP.

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#ConvictTrump #ExpelTheSeditionists #EndTheFilibuster #SeditionHasConsequences #NoQuarter
...the Hatch Act...it specifically prohibits all kinds of things that the last administration did, without a blink from the Repukes!

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@marcorubio @SenatorBurr
Trump told believers to go to DC on 1-6. He incited armed mob to attack Capitol to stop Constitutionally mandated cert of election he lost & HARM PENCE. Tweets & video=proof. Next time Pres incites mob, Republic will fall. #SendMessage #ConvictTrump

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@FBIWFO @AliMayorkas @DHSgov @SpeakerPelosi @CoriBush @HouseIntel @GOPLeader @SenSchumer @LeaderMcConnell @SenatorRomney time to investigate this 01/05 Trump Team mtg fully! Now, preferably before the trial so you ALL can #ConvictTrump

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Every Republican in congress right now #Traitors #ConvictTrump #

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@LeaderMcConnell Looks like Trump gave the go ahead after telling them initially to stand by #ConvictTrump

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Moscow Mitch prevented the Impeachment trial from starting when Trump was in office and just voted in favor of stopping the trail because Trump is no longer in office. What a total slime ball. Come on Kentucky, you can do way better than Mitch. Recall this traitor #ConvictTrump

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Must read. #ConvictTrump He is a Russian asset, and has been from day one. How Russia began 'grooming' Donald Trump 40 years ago by saving him from financial ruin, book claims | Daily Mail Online

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#republicans and #GOPSenators should punish #trump not the other way around. He incited an #insurrection #sedition and a #coup where5 died #foxnews @gop #ConvictTrump #senate #SenateRepublicans #GOPComplicitTraitors

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I'm sick and f'ing tired of these MFs threatening us. We. Are. The. Majority. GFY. Who you gonna call? Your band of village idiots? They're either on house arrest, in jail or in hiding so GO FOR IT YOU SEDITIOUS MF

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Mitch McConnell said he would not start the trial while Trump was in office and now that he is out and of office, he voted against us again, to say the impeachment of a private citizen is not appropriate. He played us..🤬

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Lindsey Graham says if Democrats call witnesses, Republicans will want witnesses and the trial will go on for months

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This is what they accept. This is what we fight against.

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MAJOR BREAKING NEWS (h/t @CheriJacobus): Txtwire CEO Daniel Beck Claims He Attended January 5 Meeting at Trump International Hotel—and that Attendees Included Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell, Kimberly Guilfoyle (Who Called Ali Alexander) and Tommy Tuberville (Who Denies Being There)

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Make no mistake. 45 Republican Senators chose White Supremacy, Sedition, and a deadly Insurrection to overthrow the United States Government over our Constitution and the Rule of Law. We will not forget.

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The Proud Boys have tried to downplay their role in the Capitol riot. Our video investigation shows that the far-right group was at the forefront of many of the day’s key moments.

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You know why people can't quit trump? He blackmails everyone. If he didn't, no one would go near him. If someone is hanging with trump, he is blackmailing them.

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When you hear Republicans spread the big lie about “election integrity” and see them vote against the impeachment trial, know that this is them planting the seeds for the next coup attempt.

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45 Senate republicans declared tonight that they are anti-democratic pro-sedition cowards. They support a man who, in order to retain power at any cost, incited an armed insurrection against our country in which a police officer was murdered. We must never forget who they are.

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The fact is systemic racism touches every facet of American life, and everyone — no matter your race or ethnicity — benefits when we build a more equitable America.

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Some Republicans in Congress seem confused about what “unity” means.

They seem to think that if you don’t give them what they want, you’re not for unity.

That’s not unity, that’s my way or the highway.

We're in a crisis and Americans need help.  

Let’s unite around that.

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The insurrectionists on January 6 flew the Stars and Bars for a reason. And we know exactly whose votes they refer to when they talk about "voter fraud." People who perpetuate this racist conspiracy theory are not fit to practice law, teach law, or hold public office.

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Jan 6th: Incited by the president, a deadly insurrection attacks the Capitol.

Jan 26th: Senate Republicans pave the way for Trump to run again in 2024.

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Every single Senator was sworn in today to do impartial justice according to the Constitution and Laws of the United States in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

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Raise your hand if you demand accountability. #ImpeachAndConvict

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This is a critically important investigation. The Justice Department should NEVER take sides in a partisan election. The Hatch Act specifically prohibits that.

Watchdog to Examine Whether Justice Dept. Helped Trump Effort to Overturn Election

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McConnell guarantees "NIGHTMARE" for Democrats in the Senate, grinding the chamber to a halt, if Democrats ever nuke the filibuster.

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No other President in history has ever tried to subvert the will of the people through insurrection, and the GOP is acting like he returned a library book late.

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