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I can't say this enough. I love connecting with other comedians on my new podcast!! This week's guest is @NickKroll on #ComedyGoldMinds. Airs on @SiriusXM (Channel 92) at 8PM EST today (3/3) or everywhere you listen to podcasts tomorrow.

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I honestly want to see #LauraHayes on @KevinHart4real #ComedyGoldMinds

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Yeah you see it 😏🤩 Just spotted in Times Square. Stream @KevinHart4real’s new podcast #ComedyGoldMinds now on @SIRIUSXM and @pandoramusic!

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I find it funny that @KevinHart4real barely got to ask @TheLondonHughes any questions, she just got on the show and told a story for an hr lol dope experiences tho #comedygoldminds #podcast

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Aight so boom if you were on @KevinHart4real's new podcast #ComedyGoldMinds what would you talk to him about? Don't be shy, let me know 👀

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Guys! My comedy hero @KevinHart4real sat down and interviewed ME for his new #ComedyGoldMinds podcast!!!

It was epic!!! ... check it out below 🙈

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It all started with a tweet a year ago and the rest is history. Couldn’t be happier to have @thelondonhughes on my @lolnetwork podcast #ComedyGoldMinds. We’re on @SiriusXM at 8PM EST today or everywhere you listen to podcasts tomorrow.  

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Listening to #comedygoldminds by @KevinHart4real on #Pandora... what the fuck it's nothing but kevin hart talking about commercials what the fuck!!!!! Maldita sea take a break yo! Lol

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This man called him Dave Chap-A-Lee 😭 @hasanminhaj has come a long way and isn't slowing down. Don't forget to check out this episode of #ComedyGoldMinds on your favorite podcast platforms now! #LinkInBio

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This interview was 🔥 with @HasanMinhaj. Pumped for this amazing comic on my @lolnetwork podcast #ComedyGoldMinds. BOOKMARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Tonight @SiriusXM at 8PM EST or everywhere you listen to podcasts tomorrow. 

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He’s more than a comedian, he’s a father. @billburr has ZERO time for your judgement @KevinHart4real. Don’t miss this episode of #ComedyGoldMinds

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Y’all need to stop what you’re doing and check out @KevinHart4real’s podcast #ComedyGoldMinds.

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I promised a new name and I’m here to deliver! Don’t miss a new episode of my @lolnetwork podcast #ComedyGoldMinds.  Talking with the unfiltered @billburr on @SiriusXM at 8PM EST TODAY and everywhere you listen to podcasts tomorrow. Let’s go - ""

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