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Love’s her Badger Volleyball!! Go Bucky!!!! #B1GBlockParty #Badgers

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#Badgers trail Penn State 4-1 as the third period begins.

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I’ve been on the badgers’ side so far, but now they’re waking us up in the night bashing their way into the garden, then they can’t escape - we’re having to go out and open the gate to let them out of the garden! #ridiculous #wildlife #badgers

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@laurenbarnes_2 has a game-high 6️⃣ digs as the #Badgers rally into the third


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End 2: Penn State leads the #Badgers 4-1. Dylan Holloway scored on a breakaway but UW ended up where it started the period -- trailing by 3. Shots on goal 22-17 for UW in the middle frame.

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After a lengthy set point, #Badgers win second set 25-15 and it kinda feels like the rout is on.

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The Caufield brothers have swapped spots on the #Badgers' top two lines. Cole now with Ahcan and Holloway. Brock with Weissbach and TPB.

3:33 2nd: PSU 4, UW 1

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16-9, #Badgers lead in the second set. Team is looking sharp tbqh.

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Devyn Robinson is QUITE nice with it #badgers

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I predict that Coach Sheffield’s jokes will be undefeated this season.


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Better from the #Badgers in the second period but:

1. That's a low bar.

2. They still need some sustained pressure.

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Well, that was a good start to the season. @BadgerVB dominates the first set, winning 25-14.

#Badgers had .636 hitting %
Purdue had .220 hitting %

Sydney Hilley had 11 assists
Dana Rettke and Devyn Robinson each had 4 kills on 4 attempts.

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#Badgers goal: Dylan Holloway scores on a breakaway, his first goal since leaving for the World Juniors in November.

12:51 2nd: PSU 3, UW 1

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#Badgers trail Penn State 3-0 as the second period begins.

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Timeout in the first set and the #Badgers are up 14-8. Freshman Devyn Robinson looks impressive in her first match.

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End 1: Penn State leads the listless #Badgers 3-0. Shots 16-5 for PSU.

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Starting lineup for the #Badgers featuring freshman Devyn Robinson

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Hey #Badgers, wake up

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Vegas line revealed for #Badgers clash with Ohio State on Saturday.

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#Badgers called for too many players on the ice.

5:27 1st: PSU 2, UW 0

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Lots of milestones tonight!

▪️ Hat trick for Daryl Watts (second collegiate hat trick)
▪️ Hat trick for @BrettePettet (second collegiate hat trick)
▪️ 50th career assist for @gracebowlby_

#Badgers || #OnWisconsin

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Yes, you’re reading this correctly...

The #Badgers light the lamp 10x AND shutout the Huskies 💪💪💪


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People just hate (Daddy's Boy) Stroll because he’s rich. It bothers me so much that they don’t realize he’s matured massively since he joined #F1. I guess you have to act like a spoiled kid like Chuck Norris for people to like you. #F1 #badgers

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We got the lance (Daddy's Boy) Stroll video exactly 20 mins from now last Friday
@AstonMartinF1 admin can we expect anything 20 minutes from now??? #F1 #badgers

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Stroll: 2020 #F1 season partly a year of "missed opportunity" #F1 #badgers

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Hey Siri, Play Varsity!

#Badgers || #OnWisconsin

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Two hat tricks and a shutout? You got it ✔️

The #Badgers came to play in St. Cloud ☁️

#OnWisconsin || #UWHealth

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Final in St. Cloud: The #Badgers women's hockey team defeats St. Cloud State 10-0. UW has defeated the Huskies 26 straight times, outscoring them 128-16 in those games.

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#Badgers and Penn State are underway at Pegula.

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I'll have the final score of the #Badgers women's game soon but the men's game at Penn State is about to start so updates here are switching to that one. I think the women's team will hold on for a win with that 10-goal lead.

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#Badgers have won six of the last eight against Ohio State, including the last three.

Preview and Predictions:

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🚨 #Badgers goal!🚨

@c_schneider16 tacks on a power-play strike

UW 10, SCSU 0

6:30 left in the third

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Caitlin Schneider, PPG, 10-0 #Badgers.

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We’re doing lots of testing

Also, UW Madison:
c o m e s p i t w i t h u s

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Game Day!!! People are already lining up early this morning in anticipation for our season opener! Let’s go!!!

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