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Month ago #postman came w a #registeredletter for me 2 sign for, says 'must be #parkingticket ". He was right. 2day he came back, nother letter 2 #sign for, I say, oh it's for #myson, he says "must b bout #appealing ticket #fine #maskwearing" #AfterLife #waseating @rickygervais

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Happened to watch this gem. It is so so good #AfterLife

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Local talent shines in the virtual 2021 Sundance Film Festival #neardeathexperience #NDE #afterlife

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@PrimordialRadio are literally becoming my "new recommended songs" playlist 😂

By the way how good is that new @HoldingAbsence track #Afterlife ?

Been one of my ones to watch since the @heavymusicawds event last year.
Not disappointing yet eh @PeteCBailey ?


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The subtle bodies of dissatisfied #ancestral spirits from the #afterlife often affect their descendants. This can be due to various reasons. Having excessive negative thoughts can be a symptom of problems caused by departed ancestors. #selfgrowth

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Brand new #AFTERLIFE Merchandise is available on the shop for the next 48 hours. The hoodie bundle comes with the #Snowchild Physical CD Edition. 🖤


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We launched a brand new feature! Let us know YOUR paranormal experiences! Check out Pastrami Paranormal- What’s YOUR Story? #paranormal #ghosts #cryptozoology #aliens #angels #afterlife

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این سریال #AfterLife کلید اسرار آتئیست‌هاست.

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"I laughed. I cried. It was a part of me."

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@rickygervais This is my go to - I have watched and rewatched #AfterLife so many times. Always blown away by it Ricky, thank you and all the team, for delivering awesome. From NZ :)

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@rickygervais I loved it. Could identify one different levels having lost my partner #AfterLife

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"We do not know what to do with this short life, yet we want another which will be eternal."

- Anatole France


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@rickygervais I just watched the episode where Tony’s dad dies and I can’t stop weeping. The last three episodes I have watched have been absolutely beautiful. #AfterLife is unlike anything I have watched before. Thank you.

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RAS shrimp producer may have found its field of dreams #neardeathexperience #NDE #afterlife

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Can we talk about near death experiences??? Tell your story #nde #neardeathexperience #afterlife

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#AfterLife is so heart warming and beautiful! @rickygervais @tonypaulway

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#Monday #Topics - #Addiction #Afterlife #Abduction #Cyber #Sexual #Desire #Enegry #Internal #Demons

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@TimoOK @rickygervais Hi Timo I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife and that I’m happy to hear that #AfterLife has bought comfort yes it is warm, sad, funny and wise but don’t stay to lonely at home remember that they’re people out there and you’ve #AfterLife family here too take care sweetheart ❤️

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"Dinner In The Hall" ©douglass truth • It's the only place we have left, almost everything else is de-materialized... 24" X 20" acyrlic on canvas - #ArtistOnTwitter #artistsontwitter #acrylicpainting #afterlife #ubik

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There are so many applicants who wants go anime heaven afterlife!
But the problem is... probably not everybody can survive and live well by nature.

Make yourself greatly strongest at

#heaven #afterlife #anime #manga #weeb #otaku #God #Islam #Christian

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" Bir toplum, yaşlı adamların gölgesinde asla oturamayacaklarını bildikleri ağaçları dikmeleriyle gelişir"

#RickyGervais #AfterLife #Netflix
1. Sezon 5. Bölüm ---

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@rickygervais yourself bit of a bit of a Liberal Lefty Snowflake I don’t understand entirely but I like the sound of it lol!! Thank you again for #AfterLife 1 & 2 and I’m so excited and looking forward to 3 😊🙏🏽

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@rickygervais You should of never worried about writing #AfterLife this was a great interview.. I love the bit when you said - can people take that? Of course they’re living it in that real world.. that’s so true and why #AfferLife is so great it’s like watching yourself on tv you CONT..

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Never watched #AfterLife
Not one episode.
Maybe I should 🙇🏻‍♀️

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#AFTERLIFE Focused. Reflective. At the ready. #AllFly #DarktoLight

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Hepimiz iğrenç, narsist, bencil parazitleriz ve biz olmasak dünya daha güzel olurdu #afterlife

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Why has it taken me so long to watch #AfterLife? Another day. Gotta keep it together. Face the world.

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@allafrica We wish Happy Transition to Jazz Icon #JonasGwangwa of #SouthAfrica, Africa. May you enjoy your needed rest.
(Oh, past the age of 70, people do not die; they simply take their needed rest.) RIP.

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@rickygervais I just lost my Mum to cancer yesterday. I'm sitting here now watching #AfterLife and having a laugh. Life's too short not to. I'd send her snippets of the show when she was at her worst. It made her smile when nothing else could.

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1 episode of @netflix AfterLife turned into EVERY episode in 1 sitting. I expected @rickygervais to make me laugh, but didn't expect ALL the feels. This show has big laughs, huge heart, great truth, and incredible music. Unlike any show I've watched before. Brilliant #AfterLife

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#Goodnight Twitterverse “I pray the Lord my soul to take.” #Amen

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"Stroll of Reality" reminds me of an adult version of Fantasia. It's a collection of unique and dark stories that make for an excellent read.
#KindleUnlimited #SaturdayReads

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The first two seasons of #AfterLife have notched up 72 million views. Most watched British Comedy in the world 2 years running.

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