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“Our hope for creative living lies in our ability to re-establish the spiritual ends of our lives in personal character and social justice. Without this spiritual and moral reawakening we shall destroy ourselves in the misuse of our own instruments.” #MLK #SundayWithKing

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In the final episode of #AGiftofJoy @ayeshacurry gives some joy to Kai, one of many mothers who have been affected by the pandemic. Despite several challenges she works every week at @helpamotherout, which provides millions of diapers to mothers in need❤️.

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In the third episode of #AGiftofJoy @S10Bird gives a big gift to Kara, a COVID-19 volunteer doctor at @AskTheFund🙏. Bird calls Kara “a true hero” for what she is doing for her community, giving her the joy she deserves🎁✨.

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Did something new for our Creators

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I love Christmas Eve on @sesamestreet Sesame Street. It still fills my heart full of love. Thank you. #sesamestreet #agiftofjoy #CovidChristmas

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In the second episode of #AGiftofJoy @stormreid meets Corey, one of the founders of the Fighters For The World Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles. Discover Corey's inspiring story and his generosity, because as Reid says, “giving back, giving gift of joy.. that’s what life is about”.

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There is literally no better sound than @AndreaBocelli singing Christmas music. #voiceofatrueangel #agiftofjoy

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In the first episode of #AGiftofJoy we meet Angelica, a hard working volunteer at @HomiesEmpower organization in Oakland, California💪. “Special people deserve special things” says @StephenCurry30, and this is how he surprises her by giving her a little joy of her own❤️🎁.

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Don't underestimate how a small gesture of kindness can have such an impact on someone🤝. This is the inspirational message behind #AGiftofJoy, a brand new mini-series presented by Rakuten featuring two-time MVP and three-time NBA champion @StephenCurry30🏆🏀.

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Back then in school,
Apart from me, Who else pretend to be thinking of an answer whenever the teacher looks at u, but deep down, ur head is actually empty?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Be honest
#Nana Ama
#Hajia Bintu

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#AGiftofJoy surprises @helpamotherout's very own Kai and all the amazing work she does for the organization and getting diapers to families that need them most. #helpamotherout

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Popular hashtags from NBA players - last 24 hours: #AGIFTOFJOY #BLESSEDANDGRATEFUL ... #nba #daily #octothorpe

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No matter the moment, @ayeshacurry is always finding ways to bless others so she had to help us close out #AGiftofJoy! After she heard this amazing mother’s story, she was more than happy to jump in. Check it out here. @Rakuten #Joy

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Popular hashtags from NBA players - last 24 hours: #AGIFTOFJOY #BELI4VE ... #nba #daily #octothorpe

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Dropping another #AGiftofJoy! This time, @S10Bird surprises a volunteer doctor with a big 🎁. @Rakuten #Joy

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Check out @NBA @Warriors@StephenCurry30 @AyeshaCurry @EatLearnPlay surprises @HomiesEmpower community volunteer Angelica (Episode 1) “A Gift of Joy” presented by @Rakuten

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#AGiftofJoy #ThankYou #Joy #Rakuten
See video

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Once Again putting this out there ...
a feel good story by me #amwriting #2020LoveStory #agiftofjoy. #sharethegood

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Check out the second episode from the mini-series #AGiftofJoy, presented by Rakuten and featuring Stephen Curry and Storm Reid🤩.

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Popular hashtags from NBA players - last 24 hours: #WH #AGIFTOFJOY ... #nba #daily #octothorpe

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Thank you so much @StephenCurry30 and @Rakuten for inviting me to be a part of #AGiftofJoy, and for giving me the opportunity to give back to Corey for all the good that he does! Make sure you check out the full video below

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#AGiftofJoy is back! I hit up my good friend @stormreid to help me and @Rakuten surprise a very special volunteer who needed some uplifting! Check it out here 🎁 👇🏽 #Joy

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special people deserve special things @StephenCurry30#AGiftOfJoy

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Love seeing this come to life, great work by the team. This mama cried watching this so grab your Kleenex & feel joy from the good in this world. #agiftofjoy

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Tissue Alert! You'll need them when you watch @StephenCurry30 surprise hometown heroes with #AGiftofJoy along with @Rakuten. #deserving

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If you need some joy this morning, take a look 🥰


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We are so proud to collaborate with @StephenCurry30 on this series. Check out his exclusive interview with @people 🎁 #AGiftofJoy

Stephen Curry Hoping to Inspire Positivity with New Series Giving Back to COVID Volunteers @jasonduaine

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I teamed up with my friends at @rakuten to bring some smiles and ease the pain of 2020 for some very deserving people. 👀 out our first surprise 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #AGiftOfJoy #Joy

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@StephenCurry30 @Rakuten @S10Bird @ayeshacurry Thank you so much for including me in this project!! I can't wait for everyone to see some feel good content. make sure to watch when it premieres on @StephenCurry30 Youtube channel #AGiftofJoy #Joy #Bamazing

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I’ve been so inspired by the stories of people who are still making time to give back to their communities. I teamed up with my friends at @Rakuten along with @StormReid @S10Bird and @AyeshaCurry to surprise a deserving few with a little joy. Stay tuned! #AGiftofJoy #Rakuten #Joy

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JOY’n the Live Concert at Bangued Town Plaza tonight (January 5, 2019), 7pm with @Mayonnaise, @cueshetheband , Vin Abrenica, Sofia Andres, and Super Tekla! #aGiftofJOY #SoundofJOY #joy2019 #ABRAnewexperience #bdayconcert

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